New Hunger Feature and Upcoming Features!

Posted 2 years ago by Mer1in

We are excited to announce a new mechanic for Zapoco - the concept of hunger.

Recently, the focus of gameplay has shifted from post-apocalyptic survival to a farm simulator, with grain becoming a central focus of gameplay.
As a result, we are introducing a new way to utilize grain -- feeding yourself and your safehouse.


You'll notice that a new Hunger status bar has been added to your player screen. Starting with a maximum of 100, your hunger level will drop in two ways:
1. Every 60 minutes, your hunger will drop by 1.
2. Every 5 points of energy spent will drop your hunger down by 1.

Your hunger level will impact how much you can do in the game.

If your hunger level is < 25 (Starving), then you are too weak to survive, and you will be unable to attack, explore, scavenge, or train.

(However, you will still be able to sow your land. While not as realistic, we wanted to avoid players without a safehouse getting "stuck" at starving levels and unable to feed themselves.)

You can restore 50 hunger points by consuming bread (FOOD), which will be made from grain. Bread will be made in safehouses.


Safehouses are receiving two additional features -- the Safehouse Silo and the Safehouse Kitchen.

Players can donate grain to the safehouse silo. Depending on the level of your safehouse kitchen, grain will be automatically converted into bread for safehouse members. (Upgrades to the kitchen will be available to increase the rate of productions.)

Members can grab bread from the safehouse as needed. You will NOT need to wait for an admin to give it to you.

A grain market will also be introduced so players can now sell grain to others - which will also help the production of alcohol and gas.


We hope this will introduce an interesting mechanic of safehouse members wanting to provide for the others and add a sense of what an actual survival situation would be like.

Is it more important for you to sell your grain so you can upgrade your car?
Or donate it so members of your safehouse can eat?


IMPORTANT NOTE: Some additional changes will be made to CONSUMABLES - namely in how some items are labeled. Only items that are labeled as "FOOD" will replenish hunger. There are plans down the road to introduce crafting so that players can create and sell more fulfilling types of food.

---WHATS NEXT? ---

An additional feature that will be rolled out soon is "Home Land". Every Player is given one, free of charge, and it will be standard for all new players.

"Home Land" is just a dedicated land reserved for everyone, not allocated for on the land map. This will guarantee that if a player can't afford to feed themselves and does not want to join a safehouse, they can still grow food as needed.

We hope this feature will begin the slow shift of Zapoco from Farmville into the actual elements of a Zombie / Survival / Apocalyspe game this is meant to be.

Also coming in the next few weeks:
Actual Zombies to fight!
New Lands to explore!
Real Missions! With Plots!

We would love to hear feedback and suggestions about how to further create this sense of post-apocalyptic living.

As always, we so appreciate the community here, and with the recent growth of the dev team, we hope to begin rolling out frequent features and fixes.

With much love, blood, sweat, tears,

The Zapoco Staff : Tom, Tier, Thunder, Maser, & Mer1in


Flou 2 years ago

Absolutely love it! I am excited about the missions with plots. And it would be cool to add different kinds of crops. Maybe even foods that are nutritious and some foods that are not. A diet low in nutrition would add some debuffs while a nutritious diet would help. Maybe it would be too difficult but I don't know.

RewardWanted 2 years ago

Very nice Tom&co., thank you!

Eliandus 2 years ago

Interesting concept, would love to see how this will affects things

Zircon 2 years ago

Heck yes! I can't wait to fight the zombies! Thanks for the recent updates, it's fun to see the new stuff rolling out!

Hands 2 years ago

Interesting. Great work yall!

Osama bin Laden 2 years ago

Im just registed in the game and got 0/100 hunger and thus can't Scavenge. I have 0 vaccines. What I can to do?

Gamers 2 years ago

Great update

Robo 2 years ago

I'll try my best to not starve while attempting to catch up to the survivors at the top.

Tallulah 2 years ago

Like this

Mer1in 2 years ago

all these commments make me :

Nugget92 2 years ago

Just spent 155 energy training and still 100 Hunger, is energy spent training exempt from hunger loss?

Retribution 2 years ago

Could there be a chance of finding a food item while scavenging? If I go scavenging during an apocalypse I want food not money.

G G4ming 2 years ago

i dont much like that idea. it means that the noobs will have a much harder time at surviving and the people who've been here long enough to get land easily will have lots of food. that could drive alot of players away mate

NotePad 2 years ago

"Members can grab bread from the safehouse as needed. You will NOT need to wait for an admin to give it to you." isn't it dangerous if a player grabs all the bread? Or grab one then come back for another after heavy training in less than half an hour? Would it be fair if it's not 'assigned' by admin?

Andos 2 years ago

“Every 5 points of energy spent will drop your hunger down by 1” I get a bug with this: When I spend 5 energy to start exploring it also cost me 5 food???

MrBones 2 years ago

Amazing updates great work everyone!

NotePad 2 years ago

"IMPORTANT NOTE: Some additional changes will be made to CONSUMABLES - namely in how some items are labeled. Only items that are labeled as "FOOD" will replenish hunger. " So you can buy 100000000000000000000000000000 burgers to replenish hunger. Seriously, the rich will flourish!

Nugget92 2 years ago

Just tried to buy a coffee from supermarket and get an error not sure if anyone is aware of this already

scaleth 2 years ago

This is really cool. The meta in this game is going to take a huge shift.

SmokingSober 2 years ago

+100 great addition and loved hearing about the upcoming features. Really great work guys.

NotePad 2 years ago

Well 5 energy should only drop 1 hunger, but doing 1 explore which only costs 5 energy caused my hunger to drop by 5. Is this a bug?

ibs0902 2 years ago

who sells bread. Too lazy to make 1.

DehgiloR 2 years ago

This sounds like an interesting change to the game.

Killermehi 2 years ago

In real life you don't starve when you have LESS hunger ^^...

Loveless 2 years ago

And the game changed from farmville to dont starve Isnt this suposesly zombie survival

kingalta 2 years ago

shouldn't bread be release in the market once a while to help players?

NotePad 2 years ago

There should be a food shop in Suburb (think there's coffee in Exurb) or people could literally starve to inactive status

Hollenthon 2 years ago

Could have been implemented better. No "home land" readily available to produce your own grain independently and give every player a fair chance, no store to sell you bread either, and being "forced" to join a safehouse, otherwise you'll effectively starve, renders the game temporarily unplayable for low level/lone wanderer-style/poor players. I can absolutely see how high level, wealthy players with acres to spare and a wide security net, in the form of a safehouse, would benefit from it, but, I need more options. Until then... ?

Jim Pickens 2 years ago

Great to see new fearures coming in, one foot at a time aye! Thirst next!

NotePad 2 years ago

There was a bug with the grain market when I listed a ton of grain then remove it, the ton of grain is gone and not stored back to by grain solo.

DalishInquisitor 2 years ago

This sounds amazing

Seabiscuit 2 years ago

This is interesting... I had some thoughts I rambled off on discord, but I wanna collect them here. -Maybe have max hunger increase with level by a tiny amount, like nerve does? It makes sense that the more strong you get, the more you can withstand being hungry. -Please oh please let Safehouses have some kinda limitation to bread withdrawal, haha. Something like not letting someone with full hunger take out bread or only letting a certain amount be withdrawn per player per day, kinda thing, set by the admin of the SH. -I think Homeland should be implemented ASAP, and it's a good idea. In that vein I had a thought; So new players/Solo players don't get totally screwed by not being in a safehouse, how about a new crop they can grow instead of grain? Like I don't know, something they can eat out of the ground. Beats? Like have it be less powerful than bread so there's some incentive to join a Safehouse and get better food, but not leave them starving or having to pay crazy amounts for bread on the market (which, may scare off new players...) -How about some awards for farming stuff? Like grain sown and/or harvested?:D

Tucker 2 years ago

This is really poorly balanced. I am starving but I can overdose on non bread food? Better not eat any ice cream, or beans! "So you're really hungry, so much so that you can train, explore, or scavenge but you better not eat non-bread food!" The single most valuable resource in the game is energy, but here we are sitting on energy because we are hungry. This should be fixed SO HARD!!! It's totally encouraging people not to log in.

Bigelowed 2 years ago

Hunger makes sense. Interesting thing about bread is that it can be sliced. If someone eats more bread then they need points for they should be able to keep a few slices or otherwise go over the max hunger

MrBones 2 years ago

Does 1 ton of grain really only make 1 loaf of bread? That must be some dense bread!

Robo 2 years ago

I might just be a bit frustrated since I'm taking the time to post it, but that feeling when a new account joins your safehouse and steals all of your bread. RIP. A guy just joined Hilltop, withdrew 42x bread, and left. I think there really needs to be some way to avoid this or at least a way to take back the bread. Raiding other people for food and/or consumables, when?

Fleetfiend 2 years ago

Will home land be provided to all players, or just new ones? I just started this week, my hunger is dwindling, and bread costs more than all of the vaccines I have scavenged in the game so far...

SKYRYD3R 2 years ago

<3 Gr8! I was wondering when we would get an actual storyline! Finally!

Lucille Bluth 2 years ago

Thanks Kanye very cool!

madnads 2 years ago

i just logged in and i'm starving right away. what gives?

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