Safehouse Item Storage

Posted 2 years ago by ThunderGunExpress


We're happy to announce that you can now store items in your safehouse! You'll see a fancy "donate" button next to all items in your inventory, and there is now an inventory tab on your safehouse homepage.

Only the safehouse leader, and admin can gift items out to other players, but now feel free to stash all of your items and explore until your fingers bleed!

Thanks everyone!



tierbeer 2 years ago

I'm so glad I had this idea first before anyone else.

Mer1in 2 years ago

Beast Mode! Way to go Tom!

Tallulah 2 years ago

Sorry but whilst this is a great idea it still doesn't really help those who have hundreds of items. If i owned a safe house and someone wanted to store their 500 items in there whilst they explored i would tell them to go do one. I'm not going to keep a log of each single item and then gift it all back to them when they are done exploring. And then do it all over again in X amount of time when they fancy exploring again! It creates more of a headache for leaders to gift said items back. Like i said it is good and will help many current and new players if they need specific items but it also has it downsides.

Nugget92 2 years ago

This is a fantastic update for safehouse cooperation and will help us all help each other however i feel like advertising this as a solution to the flawed mechanic of not exploring with more than 20 items is a bit of a stretch. It is a band aid at best, and will ultimately cause safe house leaders a massive headache that is pointless as if this really is being advertised as "deposit your 1000 items and go explore" then at that point there is no real reason not to implement personal storage if for nothing else but Pity on the safehouse leaders who will now have to manage spread sheets of peoples items and constantly have to be bothered when someone wants this or that when in reality they just want to play the game like the rest of us.

scaleth 2 years ago

This is awesome! Now I can store my usable but unwanted items at my safehouse.

tierbeer 2 years ago

You guysssssss - you're thinking way too much into this. This was an enhancement that was requested specifically to stash items for new players. After the meltdown over the fact that Paddy's had a storage account for new players to request starter items, Safehouse Storage was added to fit that need. The side perk is that other members can drop off their non-essentials to help with exploring. I personally will not be managing massive spreadsheets. I trust if a regular, active player says they donated something and asks for it back, then I'll give it to them. And if a random person asks for a tactical watch, then yeah - I'm going to vet them.

NotePad 2 years ago

great idea! Even better if their is like a flea market for insider trading for safehouse members.

Nugget92 2 years ago

I hope no one misunderstood my post as i said it is a fantastic update for us to share and trade and help newer players. My gripe is that it is announced like you can now explore to your hearts content. I don't think players should be made to decide between risking months worth of effort in some cases depositing into a safehouse not in their control or not being able to participate in a significant aspect of the game.

So many people bitching... This game is in development with a small dev team which simply means the perfect solution to everyone's problems and niggles won't happen overnight. Give them a chance to get things going and then improve them. One thing at a time. Rome wasn't built in a day and all that!

OneFootInTheGravy 2 years ago

I don't get it. People were mega buthurt when they found out that Paddy's had an alt account/bot doing just this. Now that it becomes a feature of the game they are bitching about it. Go figure. ( Sorry I've had a drink right now)

SmokingSober 2 years ago

With the way messages work, players could message leaders with "My stash" as the subject and just add on every time they donate. Still a headache but going through safehouse notifications? That's a migraine.

STAN 2 years ago

Awesome update Tom, My rares can stay on me though, it's too easy for someone to redeem an item of yours. I do have 300+ items I can still stash though ???? thanks.

Jagetsu 2 years ago

Glad to see this update. This will definitely help newer players get into the game faster.

NotePad 2 years ago

Hey, what happened to the chocolate, dried vegetable, and tin of tuna I deposited in the safehouse inventory? Now EVERYONE can have access to inventory and take out items!

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