Independence Day Special Items

Posted 9 months ago by tom


To celebrate American Independence Day you will find a number of rare, special items around Zapoco today only!

I suggest you get out exploring, enjoy and go have some fun!



Lerus the Right-Hand of Death 9 months ago

Can I get a crisp high five. Poor phrasing before.

G G4ming 9 months ago

aight but um. how we get these items? cause i hardly have any vaccines

NotePad 9 months ago

someone found a Uncle Sam's Hat :)

MrBones 9 months ago

Let's get exsploring :3

Robo 9 months ago

Time to ruin my happiness the entire day and then ruin my future explore chances (if more items in your inventory lowers it).

Loveless 9 months ago

Is it central exploration only or it also include sub and ex?

DeadAsAMouse 9 months ago

How am i suppose to do this with 1000+ items? Great..

DehgiloR 9 months ago

Yep. Another not well—thought implementation.

scaleth 9 months ago

Has anyone found any special items?

freezeep 9 months ago

I found uncle sams hat. Posted it in the auction.

ibs0902 9 months ago

I hope it is same items everywhere

Loveless 9 months ago

Already spend more than 200 energy but still socks only

MrBones 9 months ago

Yeah that wasn't a very thought through event. I spent more time listing items for stupid prices just so I could successfully explore. Spent roughly 400 energy and got nothing but junk and grinder. Can I suggest that the penalty for having loads of items be remove because it doesn't make sense anyway. All those items would be kept on your land or something not in your backpack so they shouldn't effect explore chance.

Loveless 9 months ago

300 and still only junk like pillow and socks I liteally crying, some event this is

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