Your Fun is Over

Posted 11 months ago by Zombo

Dear Pathetic Humans,

For weeks, I've watched you lapse into complacency--playing in the dirt and gorging yourselves on cheeseburgers. You've discounted us as a threat and instead grown used to your ease and comfort, squabbling among yourselves like the children you are.

I hope you've enjoyed your break.

My army is coming. I suggest you prepare yourselves.


ThunderGunExpress 11 months ago

Bring it Zombo ????

Grampa W 11 months ago

Does this means zombies are intelligent? What sort of ramifications does this mean for the future of humanity?

Loveless 11 months ago

Oh great now we can fight them at last Bring it on!!

Gamers 11 months ago

I’ve already got hospitalised by him, lol

The Joker 11 months ago

That will be fun :D

MrBones 11 months ago

How is this Zombo speaking? Cheese burgers are just the start my friend. I'm going to extract ZSD from your veins!

Hands 11 months ago

Oh dear.

SKYRYD3R 11 months ago

Hey Zombo, looks like u have been watching too many animes....chillax. btw if i get that rotting corpse stink, will u still be able to identify me? us hoomans are quite intelligent. i will destroy you in the most unpleasant way possible and when I leave, you will finally understand why storms are named after HOOMANS.

MrBones 11 months ago

I'm just waiting for the Traveller to comment "Just f**king ask for my backpack please!"

saltyseahorses 11 months ago

Zombo? Why?

SmokingSober 11 months ago

Here I was starting to wonder if this was just a regular apocalypse

Eliandus 11 months ago


tierbeer 11 months ago

Ahhh I am so hyped for this!

scaleth 11 months ago

Bring it on. I haven’t been training my stats for nothing.

DeadAsAMouse 11 months ago

I have some juicy maggots for you, here zombie zombie, who's a good boy! :D

ibs0902 11 months ago

I thought we were besties zombo. Why do you have to act like a **** now?

ultracola 11 months ago

zombo sounds like a hunk, is he single?? asking for a friend

Hollenthon 11 months ago

Umm... *gulps*

Wote 11 months ago

Oh, hey! Zombo! Your website's a total classic of the internet! You still making the impossible possible at Zombocom?

For the record, he drew with sightings. He'll destroy you all so don't bait him :)

RewardWanted 11 months ago

Is this because your undead tastebuds can't enjoy hamburgers? Who hurt you? Let's just talk to tom about it, I'm sure something can be done about it.

NotePad 11 months ago

Uh... does this mean zombo now have intelligence and would now attack and mug human players??? :P

NotePad 11 months ago

I think zombo's army raided the point market becuz there's like no point offers now....

scaleth 11 months ago

Zombo doesn’t mess around. He out for blood and brains.

scaleth 11 months ago

Is anyone strong enough to take him down?

Quickace 11 months ago

What army?,ha don't make me laugh you ain't got no guts to attack me (since they were eaten)

Retribution 11 months ago

Why is everyone so aggressive towards Zombo? Poor Zombo just felt bad about being left out! Don't you worry Zombo, I'll be your friend!

Hands 11 months ago

Does the esteemed Mr. Zombo like Brain Juice?

adoptagoat 11 months ago

I, for one, welcome our new zombie overlords and would like to point out that as a trusted personality, I can be helpful for rounding up others to toil in their underground sugar caves.

Minnesoulja1983 11 months ago

Looks to me like the fun is only beginning. Meatbag on the menu.

MrBones 11 months ago

'Minneapolis1983 was hit for 900 damage' :3

Quickace 11 months ago

I have felt the wraith of zombo and I have come to relise that we are no match for our zombie overlords, please master zombo spear us

RedGreen 11 months ago

I think the only way to take him down is to have 30+ survivors with decent stats to attack at about the same time. If your deck is high you can get a good number of hits in without dying. But I could only do 1 damage per hit. I don’t know what it would take to hit him for 2 or more damage.

RedGreen 11 months ago

No idea... I have 127 str and hit for one HP

Don't revive me; for research 11 months ago

Peace out Zombo

Jackson 11 months ago


Coffin137 11 months ago

I dont think strength comes into play fighting zombo. I think its based on players. how many players hit him etc

Coffin137 11 months ago

Prepare for war basically and group up and attack in consecutive hits

RedGreen 11 months ago

I think you’re right coffin. We need to hit him with as many people as possible. Just need to agree on a date and time.

RedGreen 11 months ago

Oh yeah. As son as he gets into low health territory, nobody else can start an attack.

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