Zapoco Harassment Policy Update

Posted 2 years ago by Mer1in

It has come to our attention that a threat has allegedly occured by one Zapoco player against another.

This took place on a third-party chatting website, and as result, we are limited in what information we can receive. However, we are investigating the matter and will be taking action based off what we discover.

To protect the privacy of the victim, we will not be releasing any details at this time

That situation aside, this is a great time to firmly establish Zapoco's policy on harassment. Zapoco does not and will never tolerate threats or harassment of any kind between players - whether it's been performed through a third-party communication method or in-game. Any offenders will be IP-banned from the game for life.

We strive to create a welcoming and fun community for all, and we welcome any feedback or suggestions to improve.

To any members of the affected safehouse, if you have questions or any additional information, please forward it to a staff member. And to everyone else, thank you for continuing to make this a fun and supportive zombie apocalypse for all.

Sincerest regards, ZP Staff

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