Land Tax

Posted 10 months ago by tom

Hi All,

To prevent players hoarding a large number of acres of land, from tomorrow at midnight Zapoco time, land tax will be coming into force.

Every player has a tax free threshold of your current level*3. Any acres of land you own over your free threshold will be taxed at 1,000 vaccines per acre, daily.

Your tax will be taken from your stashed vaccines, if you do not have enough vaccines in your stash it will be taken from your part stash/vaccines on hand. Failing this a number of your acres of land will be sold at the current acre value to cover your tax bill.

This is to help balance land ownership and allow new players to purchase land, thank you for your understanding and feedback.




ThunderGunExpress 10 months ago

Wooo πŸ™ you Tom!

TeaLover 10 months ago

Oh heck. Brb need to level up 17 times.

Tman23 10 months ago

Beep Bot Boop....................Must sell 2 land for optimization.

SmokingSober 10 months ago

Great idea imo

scaleth 10 months ago

This is a really clever idea. The land shortage problem should be fixed with this.

bredvillan 10 months ago


gLobbob0t 10 months ago

Oh man, itβ€˜s gonna ruin me... :β€˜(

MrBones 10 months ago

I'm one of the lucky ones who hasn't put there vaccines into land in hope they could sell for more in the future. :3

Eelthing 10 months ago

Nicely done Tom.

Eliandus 10 months ago

A much needed move.

Landfields 10 months ago

This might raise the prices of Gas Cans and Bottles of Whiskey, which is good news for me!

Bigelowed 10 months ago

I think it should be called protection cost, since it makes sense the land needs a crew to keep the zombies out

Acidreign 10 months ago

Oh damn

This game is dead 10 months ago

I like this plan

Eusebius 10 months ago

125 land to 15 land in 5 minutes my heart ache in pain

Acidreign 10 months ago

Put the price of grain up to allow for this tax

STAN 10 months ago

Buying 30+ plots of land doesn't seem like a good idea anymore πŸ˜‚

Hands 10 months ago

Oof, there goes the land bank.

STAN 10 months ago

I bought like 40 plots to profit but going to lose money now πŸ˜‚ I can see why Tom is doing it though, inactive players own a lot of plots.

drkdragonz66 9 months ago

your the best you have freed up sooo much land TY

NotePad 9 months ago

Okay so I can still hold another 5 acre of land. The current market price to buy one acre of land is around 27K vaccines, but the instant sell value would be much lower than that. I'm willing to pay up to 25K vaccines for an acre of land, so anyone who needs to sale off land can message me and we can make a deal. :)

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