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Posted 1 year ago by Mer1in

Dear Community,

First, I'd like to thank you all for this wonderful community we have created together. Keep up the good attitudes and fun!

Secondly, I'd like to point you to one of our new features, the Library, found under City>Library. This will serve as a knowledge base to reference things that don't necessarily belong inside the forums, i.e. known bugs, FAQs and Terms of Service to start.

With that said, please pay close attention to the following on how to report bugs and help the staff members to notice them.

-Simple Bugs/Glitches that do not present security concerns and do not enable advantages in the game are to be reported under the Bug Report function found in City >Reports>Bug Report.

-Bug/Glitches that involve security concerns, cheating, or taking advantage of the game are to be reported to a staff member immediately. Posting info about these breaches in a public place like the forum is grounds for forum banning, temporary suspension, and/or permanent suspension.

Prior to making a post in the forums, please check the https://www.zapoco.com/library/known-bugs/list-of-known-bugs BEFORE posting a new bug report or asking about it in the forums. This list is helpful to the Staff as it allows us to clean up the forums and the repetitive questions being asked.

Lastly, this announcement serves to inform everyone we have Terms of Service now, and will begin enforcing them. Please make yourself familiar. By continuing to play the game, you agree with the Terms of Service. Found here: https://www.zapoco.com/library/terms-of-service/terms-of-service

Thanks again, and Stay Classy Zapoco!



Sightings 1 year ago

<meme class='first'> I care about you. </meme> Good stuff.

The Joker 1 year ago

Merl1n i care about you m8 :)

Gamers 1 year ago

Good thread and ToS

tierbeer 1 year ago

Yeah, yeah, ToS is important and all, but what we REALLY care about is pets. I need a kitty! (Or a unicorn)

So you know we care, Mer1in <3

Tony Wonder 1 year ago

Mer1in is unhelpful and is ruining everything. He should be fired.

ThunderGunExpress 1 year ago

Care about you too buddy :)

MrBones 1 year ago

The game finally has terms and conditions, be careful to read them carefully. The game changing rule is having alternative accounts is now a banable offence so everyone using them I suggest you contact an admin to have them deactivated.

Acidreign 1 year ago

Iagree to this :)

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