Zapoco Survey: Community Feedback - Attack Energy Usage

Posted 4 years ago by ThunderGunExpress

Hello There!

Tom is looking for feedback on the amount of energy used for attacking, currently it's at 50 energy per attack, but with the new balance and cooldown of consumables we'd like to hear your thoughts on lowering the cost for attacks. Use the poll and let us know what you think would work best.

Energy amount used for attacking

Keet at 50:  20/217 (9.2165898617512%)

25:  164/217 (75.576036866359%)

5:  33/217 (15.207373271889%)

ultracola 4 years ago


tierbeer 4 years ago

I think 25 is reasonable, especially with the recent consumables changes. This game has a (good) problem with too many things to do, not enough energy. If the spirit of the game is to not have alts, then I think some energy costs need to come down OR the regen rates needs to go up. If alts are encouraged or okay, then I could have a farming alt, a fighting alt, an exploring alt, etc. But as the game is now, I can't enjoy all aspects on one account. And I want to! :)

Tony Wonder 4 years ago

I feel like 20 would be good too. (Voted 25) Then eating max burgers could give you one more attack and in total you could do 5 (6 with burgers).

Eliandus 4 years ago

Seems like 5e will provide too many attacks for one person. 25e seems like a good place for attacks based on the current mechanics

Jagetsu 4 years ago

I've always felt that 50 was a bit excessive - especially so if your energy cap is 100. 25 seems much more appropriate and conducive to SH raids.

Tony Wonder 4 years ago

50 e for attacks is awesome! It makes it so I can focus on doing everything but attacking because it's so freaking energy expensive!

noahn567 4 years ago

I would like to see more community polls such as this one :)

Eelthing 4 years ago

5 is too low, 20-25 would be nice. i'd even be happy with 30

MrBones 4 years ago

I agree with Noah! More community-based polls!

Gamers 4 years ago

25 for attacks are good. I think 5 would make safehouse raids too easy.

MrBones 4 years ago

5 would be too much but 25 is good. Can I point out that point market sales still go into your inventory and not the stash.

STAN 4 years ago

25 and see how it goes, it's too much as it is, I've not been attacking after training/farming 5 is too low, one player could kill 30 safehouse members ????

Acidreign 4 years ago

Around 20 or 25 :)

usernamereset10 4 years ago

I'm new to the game but yeah I think 50 is too much. I enjoy attacking but then I feel crap after doing it because I still need to train my stats. I've pretty much had to ignore exploring because I just don't have the energy to spare.

Minnesoulja1983 4 years ago

I think I ate your chocolate squirrel.

Quickace 4 years ago

25 seem like the right amount. 50 is a very big amount, personally it’s the only reason why I don’t attack other people

Loveless 4 years ago

And thus begin the bloody page of zapoco history

scaleth 4 years ago

25 energy sounds perfect.

tom 4 years ago

Energy required to attack has now been reduced to 25, thank you all for the feedback.

Schizobananas 4 years ago

This change is great! Something that would complement it perfectly is a way to heal HP. Medkits are the best way, i'd say, considering they're useless in reducing time spent in the hospital. This isn't even my idea, it has been suggested before more than once.

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