Safehouse 4.0, Raiding release

Posted 3 years ago by tom

I'm pleased to announce Safehouse 4.0, raiding release, features include:

- Ability for leaders of safehouses to declare a raid on other safehouses, Safehouses can not declare a raid on a safehouse with 1000 respect below their own.

- To win a raid, either safehouse must win 250 respect, or 25% of the defending safehouse respect, whichever is highest.

- Respect is won by hospitalising members of the opposing safehouse.

- The winning safehouse will take 10% of the losing safehouse respect, this is capped at a set amount.

- The winning safehouse will take 25% of the losing safehouse vaccines, this is capped at a set amount.

- The winning safehouse will take a percentage of the losing safehouse defense.

- Ongoing raids can be seen in the West Side of the city.

Thank you all again for the support and feedback, its all noted and taken into account for ongoing future developments.

As always please share your feedback below.


tom 3 years ago

I should add, safehouse leaders can find the link to start a raid on a safehouse at the top of viewing individual safehouse pages.

OhhPaigey 3 years ago

Thats awesome. I like that Safehouse Vaccines are not safe anymore.

OhhPaigey 3 years ago

Respect gained from attacks seemed to have been more than doubled as well. Its possible, on paper anyways, that 250 respect is too little. Maybe 500 or so makes more sense, considering what a successful raid provides.

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