Squad Raids Released

Posted 1 year ago by tom

Hi All,

Today squad raids have been released.

- Anyone can open a squad raid providing they have the required items, doing so you have to set a minimum vaccines other players must contribute to the raid to join.
- Once the raid starts the squad has a time limit to hospitalise the set NPCs
- Once all NPCs have been successfully hospitalised the raid is complete, the whole squad will be award their contributed vaccines x number of squad member and some experience
- Failure to complete the raid within the time limit, players contributed vaccines will be lost

Thank you all again for your support, as always please let me know your feedback below.



Eliandus 1 year ago


Gamers 1 year ago

Nice update

MrBones 1 year ago

Yet another amazing update! Great work Tom!

Mer1in 1 year ago


ThunderGunExpress 1 year ago

Wooot! Thanks Tom!

Crane 1 year ago


SmokingSober 1 year ago

Wow sounds awesome, keep up the great work Tom. I'll keep buying;)

Toothless 1 year ago

Where can we get holdall? Or does that just mean we have to have everything?

scaleth 1 year ago

Can’t wait to try this out.

Mer1in 1 year ago

Tom, can holdall be found on an explore drop?

Gamers 1 year ago

Thank you for the bug fix

Acidreign 1 year ago

Hope it works well :)

Fellcon 1 year ago

You need at least 50 life to attack someone in a squad raid??? I just got stuck in the middle of an attack with the NPC and when my life drops below 50 I can't do an attack so that automatically means I would time out and fail :(

NotePad 1 year ago

Now that Zombo is undefeatable almost nobody participate in squad raids anymore :( Can't we have combination of easier to defeat NPCs?

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