Vehicle/Travel Release

Posted 10 months ago by tom

Hi All,

Today vehicles and the ability to travel have been released, travelling will access different areas within the city.

To travel you will be required to acquire a vehicle and fill with fuel, you can also upgrade and sell your vehicle.

Any questions please feel free to let me know.

Thank you for all your support and feedback.



MrBones 10 months ago

Started playing yesterday! So impressed there's a new update already!

Lazarilla 10 months ago

Great addition to the game Tom! Btw, u need to be on suburbs to buy from bits n bobs ?

Maggie 10 months ago

Looks good! Attempting to fuel my vehicle gives me an error though.

Fellcon 10 months ago

when I try to buy 'wheel' to upgrade at the bits and bolts shop, it says I have to be in the same location to buy it? What does it mean?

NotePad 10 months ago

OK, so i love it when the game introduces new features, but now I have a vehicle, but there's no where for me to buy GAS? And I can't but it from the item market anymore since it gives me an error and refreshing the page doesn't work. Should there also be a gas station or something?

ThunderGunExpress 10 months ago

Nice update Tom! It seems the upgrade to the ATV doesn't currently give anything

powermadmatt 10 months ago

Tom thanks for the vehicle update, there is a vehicle for sale on the vehicle market and whenever i press buy i get the 'this page has been eaten by a zombie' screen. this also happens whenever i try to view the information of the ATV by clicking on its name.

Chef axebill 10 months ago

When I hit travel on mobile to go to suburbs it does nothing

Fellcon 10 months ago

And can you plz tell us what would happen when we do travel to Suburb (Minimum Level: 2 ; 8 hours) and Exurb (Minimum Level: 5 32 hours)? Higher vaccines or item drop rates when we scavenge or explore??

Freak 10 months ago

I am not able to buy a vehicle.

gLobbob0t 10 months ago

Hi Tom, thank for this update. I just filled my Tank with eight fuel cans, and it took those eight fuel tanks, but filled it only up to six. I didn‘t See that the Tank only goes up to six.

Acidreign 10 months ago

Sweet that's cool thanks for update

Quickace 10 months ago

when i try buy a car it gives a error

adoptagoat 10 months ago

Buying the car now works, however it lacks the fuel capacity (no upgrades available) to reach the exurbs.

Tman23 10 months ago

Tom, can you give us any more insight on this? Seems like a huge waste right now to buy a vehicle and travel....

Bigelowed 10 months ago

Looks like my ATV disappeared including the vaccines, wheel, and bolt I purchased to upgrade it

BladeTalon 10 months ago

So just to make sure, are we able to access things like normal when we are traveling? Like land, store, etc?

MrBones 10 months ago

Does anyone know what new features are at the new locations?

Fellcon 10 months ago

Here's a REAL problem. OK, now I spent 8 hours travelling and finally reached suburb. BUT to travel back I need at least 1 can of gas, and too bad I didn't kept an extra can in store. I try to buy from item market, which tells me I have to be in central to access it. I try to have someone send me one, which can't be done since they're in central and can't send it to me since I'm in suburb. So now I'm stuck in suburb with no gas and no way to get out from HERE. So now what can I do?

Fellcon 10 months ago

How do I travel to the exburb when the bike only takes 8 cans of fuel and 32 cans of fuel is needed to get there?

tom 10 months ago

More features in different locations are coming soon!

CrispyFried 10 months ago

What about exurbs? Still empty :(

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