Land Development Released

Posted 8 months ago by tom

Hi All,

I'm pleased to announce the latest Land Development release,

This allows you to build on a acre of land which you own (go to the ... button on an acre, on your 'Land' page), once you own a building it will appear at the top of you 'Land' page, you can the use this to produce rare items.

Please let me know your feedback, thank you all for the support.



ThunderGunExpress 8 months ago

Tom, This is a really cool new feature thanks for the update, I have a few questions. Will the gas soon have a purpose besides vaccine value? The two new items in bit's n bobs "valve and steel pipe" will not allow you to purchase them, is this normal? Land is already one of the more fun aspects of the game so I think this was a fantastic idea.

Lucille Bluth 8 months ago

Very exciting stuff going on my dude. Thanks for your hard work!

scaleth 8 months ago

The land page seems kinda broken. I can't get the menu to buy land to pop up.

scaleth 8 months ago

I fixed it by clearing my history and cache.

Quickace 8 months ago

Yessssss I'm so hyped!!!

BladeTalon 8 months ago

I think its smart that if your going to develop, you should probs save your stuff you earn, for future, maybe sell if you want.

Tony Wonder 8 months ago

Just wanted to check, it is balanced right?

kingalta 8 months ago

i can't see how much the land cost

JackOculusSeptic 8 months ago

Use gas for vehicles or flamethrower ammo I guess?

Fellcon 8 months ago

It is a cool feature and I just built a basic distiller on my land, but then I realize that I can't produce without grain, and I can't seem to sow grain anymore after developing the building. So now I have a basic distiller building that is not operational due to having no grain to produce. >_< Can we please have a market for purchasing grain so I could make my factory work, PLZ? Thanks!

Renji 8 months ago

Its bugged on mobile phone aplication Cheers

Freak 8 months ago

It is a nice addition to the game, thank you.

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