Zapoco Survey: Community Feedback Wanted

Posted 2 years ago by Mer1in

Tom is looking for feedback on what items are a priority in developing this game, and player feedback in general. We are constantly trying to make the game and community better. Help us to do so by taking our short survey! Link:


Tony Wonder 2 years ago

Thanks for being so receptive to the game's community!

Kreep 2 years ago

Done with the Feedback, and good idea.

aBadMuggerFugger 2 years ago

Battle stat rankings need some attention. Thx in advance

Nxt50Cl 2 years ago

Done. Hope you guys get some precious feedback from this.

Iamsorrow 2 years ago

Feedback submitted

Cobalt Smith 2 years ago

Submitted. :D

nate8513 2 years ago


scaleth 2 years ago

Did it. Can't wait for future updates.

ThunderGunExpress 2 years ago

Thanks for all your effort on this!

Ezoan 2 years ago

Game is getting better with every update! Keep up the good work!

Crazyfox 2 years ago

Just send feedback hope u get some ideas from it

Quickace 2 years ago

Done I hope they take our ideas into consideration

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