Scheduled Server Maintenance

Posted 5 months ago by tom

On Thursday the 3rd May at 9AM (Zapoco time) I will be upgrading the Zapoco server, this will resolve awards not being received bug. This will involve a period of downtime of approximately 10-20 minutes where players will not be able to access Zapoco.

Thanks in advance for your patience while I tune up the site!

Pitka 5 months ago

Good :)

Lazarilla 5 months ago

good shit tom! ty! :)

illiagorath 5 months ago

Bump :)

Ezoan 5 months ago


ThunderGunExpress 5 months ago

👍🏻 Sweeet

DrReese 5 months ago

Needs more text

Eliandus 5 months ago


Lucille Bluth 5 months ago

heck yeah

TSM 5 months ago

Good luck!

Lucille Bluth 5 months ago

I think it was a success?

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