Safehouse Release 3.0

Posted 9 months ago by tom

I'm pleased to announce Safehouse Release 3.0, features include:

- Improved safehouse overview

- Safehouse defense stat added

- Safehouse missions, these increase your safehouse defense and respect if successfully completed

- Safehouse private notices for members to see

Thank you all again for the support and feedback, its all noted and taken into account for ongoing future developments.


tom 9 months ago

I should also add, safehouse leaders can close their safehouse to block join requests

OhhPaigey 9 months ago

Awesome update. Love the new Safehouse UI and the added features.

Demon 9 months ago

Working hard to push out these updates, absolutely loving the game!

Rob 9 months ago

Looking good

kcaryths 9 months ago

So Safehouse defense means that there will eventually be a way for people to attack your safehouse?

Koshka 9 months ago

Me too

DehgiloR 9 months ago

Dev: Please make it so that you cant just hide all Vaccines in the safe-house. The purpose of attacking other members are almost non-existing.

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