Daily Stash Interest

Posted 3 years ago by tom

Hi All,

I have updated the stash feature to add a daily interest increase of 0.5% to your balance, providing you have signed in, in the last day.

If players haven't signed in for more than 2 days your stash balance will decrease by 0.5% daily.

As always thank you all for your support and feedback, its all taken onboard and paves the way going forward!



Jackson 3 years ago


The_Lich 3 years ago

Will the interest stop once you reach the storage cap?

ThunderGunExpress 3 years ago

I think this would make sense on the safehouse vacs more and the interest to increase based on the safehouse size? Then it kinda benefits the whole group idea instead of one player.

tierbeer 3 years ago

I agree about the safehouse gaining interest, rather than individual stashes. Trying to save for some of those huge upgrade levels means all my spare vaccines are going into the safehouse.

Eliandus 3 years ago

Just want to add that the rate seems sensible right now, and like others have said maybe applying it to safe house would be a good idea

Seronis 3 years ago

Is there some black market that is LOANING out vacs and charging interest? I dont agree with ANY interest being accumulated because someone needs to be paying that interest, and for them to do that they need to be earning money from the deposited vacs.

DehgiloR 3 years ago

I dont think Safehouse Vacciness should have interest. I think the safehouse storage should be REMOVED, so that people have to save their own Vacciness, instead of just hidding them all in a SAfehouse.

Gamers 3 years ago

I’m concerned about the amounts each safe/stash can hold. They can’t buy the next update using the vaccines they hold.

Cobalt Smith 3 years ago

Well, here we are over a day later having 18k in my stash and no interest added. Is it buggy?

DelightfulCat 3 years ago

Tin box cannot hold more than 1500 vacs whereas next upgrade costs 5k vacs

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