Item Market Update

Posted 2 years ago by tom

Hi All,

To help clean up the item market, if an item stays listed in the market for more than 3 days it will be automatically removed and placed back in your inventory.

I have also added a link in your inventory to show all items you have listed in the market.

Thank you all again for your support and please feel free to let me know your feedback.



bc 2 years ago

+1 I like this better. Thanks Tom.

StampMan 2 years ago


Tony Wonder 2 years ago

Appreceiate it!

Seronis 2 years ago

A more useful and FAR MORE LOGICAL change, dont allow an item to be posted to the market for a higher price than 80% of the price you could just buy from the city. At a minimum not more. Personally i'll pay an NPC (who isnt a competitor) 1000$ long before id even pay another human 800$. But there is no excuse for the 'market' to allow someone to charge more than the NPCs do. Also you dont need to charge players to make the market usable. Simply auto reducing the listed value by 5% each day would would eventually put the price at a point its worth buying.

ultracola 2 years ago

well done!

Ike not 653849 2 years ago

Thanks Tom! U really help us out

Fellcon 2 years ago

I would definitely wish to see the machine gun and rocket launcher you listed in the item market be available in the gun shop as well and sale regularly. ;)

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