Safehouse Raids Feedback

Posted 3 years ago by tom

Hi All,

What features would you like to see in the new upcoming Safehouse Raids release?

Thank you,



T0M 3 years ago

I think the most reasonable way to structure that would be so each player only gets credit for killing someone of the opposite safehosue once. So once i kill everyone I’m done with my attacks. This is make it to where each attack is important from all players. Instead of just one person killing an entire safehouse. Also it would make having more active players advantageous instead of a crutch.

Gamers 3 years ago

To be able to raid multiple safehouses(so a safehouse can’t protect themselves by raiding a inactive safehouse) A time limit for the raids, maybe about 2 days. A cooldown from raiding a same safehouse after the raid.

Dak Bodak 3 years ago

Agree with both suggestions!

Xiren 3 years ago

Maybe make a boss character for every Safehouse where the Safehouse can train it's stats via vacs/points and give it equipment. The boss would need to be defeated before a Safehouse being able to be raided.

Eelthing 3 years ago

I don't want safehouse raids.

Eelthing 3 years ago

But if you're going to do it. Make it so that one safehouse can't continuously raid another.

T0M 3 years ago

Need safehouse mail system.

T0M 3 years ago

I think instead of safehouse raids you need to make a story line and campaign. A solo one and a safehouse one

Zazyman 3 years ago

I think the outpost zombies should refresh more often. I mentioned this on your last forum post and on discord, but all the good stuff is gone if you're not there when it refreshes In terms of SH raids, I feel like all players should be able to just attack the SH itself, and only that progresses the attack. Just something so lower stat players can contribute in some way, and also have a way so that one single strong player can't dominate the entire raid.

Cy-Gor 3 years ago

I feel like this might kill the game due to the difficulties of losing lots to others

Seabiscuit 3 years ago

Extra safehouse suggestion; letting you add specific permissions for specific members (like giving multiple people the ability to gift items). The roles are a good start but too few in number and not that useful outside of the admin and leader roles.

Snake Summoner 3 years ago

agree o n that seabiscuit

Lama_fox 3 years ago

Maybe safe house land, and you can win or lose then in safe house raids

Dak Bodak 3 years ago

Not all safe houses in Central. Safe Houses in other locations.

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