New Outpost Quest & Release

Posted 2 years ago by tom

Hi All,

You will notice a new area in the South Side of the City called 'Outpost', once you gain access a list of zombies with their difficulty level and relevant rewards will be released every hour.

There is also the option for players to put a vaccine bounty on other players. All players with bounty's on them will be listed in the Outpost. Hospitalising a player with a bounty on them will claim you the vaccine reward listed.

I'm also pleased to announce a completely new quest named 'The Outpost', enjoy and good luck!

Thank you all again for the support, see you around,



tom 2 years ago

I should also add, there will be a reward for the first player to complete the new 'Outpost' quest, message me as soon as you have completed it!

GreenSlime 2 years ago

Awesome. Will try the quest at once.

Jathrek 2 years ago

Same for me. Something weird, though, I've been doing some scavenging in the Light District a few minutes ago and I was apparently getting a 500 error message (supposedly everytime I was getting in combat). I suppose it'll interest you to know about that.

Gamers 2 years ago

Nice, I’m trying out the quest too.

Slasher🤺 2 years ago

Wow, sounds really interesting, looking forward to it.. Thanks

Triadian 2 years ago

cant do the quest as hes in highlands and im not :(

ZombieDad4 2 years ago

Glad I am part of this awesome game!!!

ChzBurger 2 years ago

So who was the first to complete it?

T0M 2 years ago

I guess tom drops a shitty quest that we complete in a few hours and thinks its okay to disappear for 2 weeks with no more updates. The Old Tom is back guys!

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