Posted 1 year ago by tom

Hi all,
This has certainly been an interesting week in Zapoco, and I wanted to take a moment to say a few things.
I first started working on this game in 2017 as a project in my free time. The game quickly grew and I accepted help from some of the longtime players who had skills to round out my own.
I took a long absence due to personal matters, and the developers I’d worked with stepped up in my absence to manage things. I thought things would run fine without me being active in Discord and chat, as long as I kept checking in on the game itself, but I realise now that my absence was a massive burden on the staff and players.
When I announced my return, I felt both emotional and drained by everything from the last few months, and I let my emotions get the best of me. I want to apologise to ThunderGunExpress, Maser, and Merlin for insinuating that they did anything but try to make Zapoco a great place. I know those guys shouldered a huge burden in my absence, and I should have made a better attempt to both understand what they went through and communicate my position.
I also want to apologise to the players for the upheaval during this time. It was never my intention to give the appearance of lying or changing stories, and with some of the adding/removing of features, I felt a bit panicked trying to keep up with everything. The alpha players are what made this game a great community to be a part of, and I truly regret anything I did to break that trust.
Not only do I want to make Zapoco a great game, but I want to further build on our sense of community. While the last week has not been fun at all for me, I do appreciate the passion you all had to speak up, send messages, make forum posts, and share your concerns.
I’m excited to continue on with the game, and I’m glad you all are still a part of this community.


ZombieDad4 1 year ago

I just started a few days aga and fell in love with this game. We need more people like you and your alphas. Thank you for your time and dedication!

Bunny 1 year ago

How about refunding donators and letting us make a decision to re-invest then after you removed the value of previous effort in the game if you believe in your product and want to show good will to improving this community once again.

Romeo 1 year ago

your a stand up guy Tom

Zazyman 1 year ago

If you're wondering what Tom is apologising about, then please come over to the game's discord where we've saved some discussions between him and the veteran players. There's also a bunch of us over there who will try to answer questions. Please take a look at this first before deciding to continue playing or donate to the game. https://discord.gg/hTnZPJe

ninjadevil 1 year ago

i am playing this game now for 3 days and i think it is a good game. not to hard to understand but enough challigings to do. much variations in it. keep up the good work and if i come up with a idea or somthing to improve i will tell it.

Tallulah 1 year ago

Who wrote that post for you tom?

powermadmatt 1 year ago

Granted that there has been a lot of changes, I took a break but came back after the reset and the game definitely has got a lot of new features than when I left, which are better.

Sorrow 1 year ago

I'm so happy to see this :)

No boi 1 year ago

I’ve been playing this game for five months straight and I enjoy the content inside this game. Good job.

quenster 1 year ago

Apologies accepted Tom. I just started and love the game already. Focus on now and make the game even better, keeping a solid engagement with the community.

akash 1 year ago

this is a good and interesting game. I have played other text based game but those are complicated game as we have to know some commands to play. I hope soon more players will join this game =)

BabaYega 1 year ago

Tom where are you?

Snake Summoner 1 year ago

Hes lost again BabaYega...

Samuel 1 year ago

Haha wow, came back to see if this game was still around after leaving for obvious reasons. Can’t believe there’s been a reset! God I feel sorry for everyone who put time and effort and donations into this game. Seems I made the right decision jumping ship when I did!

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