Dawn of a New Era

Posted 3 years ago by tom

The Dawn of a New Era will take place at 4:00pm Zapoco time, today, Wednesday 8th May 2019.


T0M 3 years ago


Blaize 3 years ago

Isn’t that a little late in the day for dawn? Alright, hope it all goes well.

big stank dick dad 3 years ago

weird flex but ok

473898 3 years ago

I just started playing, does it mean I've been playing for nothing?

HalfWinter 3 years ago

What was the point of the poll then? It lasted only one day (it should have been at least a week) and at the time of this comment, the "No" has the most votes. You're really rushing through this.

Seabiscuit 3 years ago

Where's the sow all button, tom? WHERE IS IT?

TSM 3 years ago


bob123a 3 years ago

time to start the "edgy 12 year olds" safehouse lol

freezeep 3 years ago

Just an idea: It would be kind of cool if the people who are currently playing got a kind of badge or icon next to their name to indicate that they have been here since alpha. Purely only for bragging rights, it wouldn't affect anything play-wise but would be a cool like achievement we could have. Just an idea of course.

Cy-Gor 3 years ago

i am not sure if it is me but this game over the last two days has gotten very difficult for new players, on my scavenges ive had to fight lots where as before i didn't what is this all about. also i have seen lots of player vs player activity. what has caused all this??

MrNoobs 3 years ago

I'm not fully opposed to the idea for a restart, but polls should bare minimum be up for like 3 days

Pfluuurp 3 years ago

Fat lot of good that opposition did ya

HalfWinter 3 years ago

"Hi! I'm Tom and I'm back! I don't like the features that the other devs implemented so I'm going to antagonize them, remove the features, and then reset everything! Oh? Players seemed to like those features? Alright, I might as well profit off of that and charge money to access them then. And now I'm going to disappear for months again until the heat dies down. Byeeeeee!"

Garthor 3 years ago

^^^ that πŸ˜„πŸ˜Ž

Romeo 3 years ago

let the game begin

Mountain Mama 3 years ago

This is very irritating! To say the least!

Romeo 3 years ago

I need a donor pack ...lol

TheMcJJ 3 years ago

I think he should refund or refuel the Donor packs because I just bought some.

Mystic 3 years ago

Oh wow I put the game down and randomly logged on to see what was going on and turns out everything got reset well cheers to new beginnings lol.

zorndyuke 3 years ago

Are there any Patchnotes? I noticed several undocumented changes.

Ksil 3 years ago

Why exactly was Nondescript Generic Player #1's account not deleted yet?

quenster 3 years ago

Apparently I'm not that late to join the party! Great game, glad to be a part of it now =)

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