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Posted 3 years ago by tom

As the title suggests, what are everyones thoughts on an Alpha to Beta stats/vaccines/items reset?
Any previous donator packs would be reissued.

Alpha to Beta Reset

Yes:  53/101 (52.475247524752%)

No:  48/101 (47.524752475248%)

Dak Bodak 3 years ago

I’m ok with a reset if donator packs are returned.

T0M 3 years ago

Eelthing and his alts voted "no"

Dak Bodak 3 years ago

Eelthing and his safehouse play regularly from what I can tell. I do also. Gun to my head I’d rather keep what I’ve got/earned but if it means a better game I am open to a reset.

Eelthing 3 years ago

Haha Tman.

Eelthing 3 years ago


HalfWinter 3 years ago

I don't know. I'm not really open to the idea of losing all the time I've spent on this game and having to start over :/

Dak Bodak 3 years ago

Everybody that still plays any game takes advantage of advantages.

Dak Bodak 3 years ago

I get that. I just want the game to move forward in some way rather than be hung up on whatever happened. I’m not saying that should or shouldn’t be addressed by anyone involved. I just think changes to game and what happened should be separated or nothing will be accomplished.

Blaize 3 years ago

I’ve been legitimately building up my stats and it’s taken forever. Would like to find a way to not be totally hosed, I’ve been enjoying the game a lot.

bc 3 years ago

FWIW Tom, I would rather see you take at least a good solid month or more of good constructive communication and feedback, effort towards fixing bugs and issues, etc. before there's any talk of a reset. There were/are a lot of issues, and it seems like a very "knee-jerk" reaction to jump to a reset so quickly. What will be different going forward? What will be the same? If the bugs and balance issues, etc. aren't resolved, doesn't that mean that you're just setting yourself up for another reset being required before too long?

4chs1zw 3 years ago

I am quit new but i can see a lot of older playzr just sitting on top because the played ages before the game was known. It happened to an other game (rise of lords) it had never been reset and now the top 400 player are unbeatable because they literally have decade of playing. Also we can see test npc and all. I think a full reset is healthier for the game in general, even if it pisses some players. M Allow also to wipe ghost and stuff :)

If there's a reset then it should be a total reset, no recovering donator packs bullshit. Talking resetting the game for balance and then providing a portion of the players with advantages from the start does nothing to help balance at all. It's counter-productive to that goal. The donator packs are sold as advantages good for a set period of time, that time period and advantage has already been used by those who were willing to pay for it. The "paid service" has been provided already, why should it be given again?

Anthony 3 years ago

All that time logging in to train will have been a waste, reset will see me gone for good

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