What would you like? Feedback please

Posted 10 months ago by tom

Hi All,

What features would you like to see updated, refreshed or added?

As always, you all are fantastic community, thank you for the support and making Zapoco what it is!

Also, we welcome all the new players!

Thank you,

Tom and the team


201697 10 months ago

10,000 vaccines

Seabiscuit 10 months ago

This this this: https://www.zapoco.com/forums/6/thread/1914

Dorgath 10 months ago

More quests! :)

Gamers 10 months ago

I would like more awards added

Aron 10 months ago

To be able to see your avatar

Aron 10 months ago

Samurai sword

Aron 10 months ago

Cainmail armour

Somme1ier 10 months ago

More cowbell

Zazyman 10 months ago

From the last time you guys asked for feedback: I'd like to see more flexibility with safehouse roles, being able to make custom roles and being able to have more than one person in some roles. Also, improving safehouse inventory management would be great Tl;Dr features improving safehouse management. I'd also like to add that having some way to change the leader via an in-game mechanic would be good, for example someone with the highest role could initiate a vote which would require a 2/3 or a high majority to pass, and if it passes the person who was chosen to be the potential leader becomes the leader. Mostly for in case the leader becomes in active so that the safehouse can keep functioning at 100%. Also, a mass mailing feature for safehouse members would be great. Having ways of restricting the amount of food a certain person can withdraw would also be good, maybe with the first idea in this post different roles can be set to take different amounts of food out per day. Another thing would be the ability to withdraw grain from the safehouse's silo so some people could produce grain and some could produce whisky etc. It'd also be nice to be able to halt bread production when no more bread is needed.

Insidious_ 10 months ago

Name Tags (Rare Item - Purchasable with points)

Insidious_ 10 months ago

Safehouse Wars

Insidious_ 10 months ago

Editing Forum Posts

Insidious_ 10 months ago

More NPC interactions, rather than just raids. Encountering them on a journey when scavenging, or exploring.

JZipGun 10 months ago

More quests and auto refresh for the website pages if playing on a PC. I have to refresh every page. On mobile or tablet, everything seems ok. weird.

Krimsonite 10 months ago

a battle report summary, something to see what happened during a fight. Like the gear used, or damage done and the times hit or missed

Eelthing 10 months ago

Increased Stash Space.

Flou 10 months ago

More sock features

Eelthing 10 months ago

More Awards

Chaos666King 10 months ago

There is 3 weapons i wanna see in this game a 'Dessert Eagle' pistol, An 'AK 47" and a "Katana". Also maybe add an ammo element with this game that way you need ammo for a gun if you wanna use it. im still new so maybe you have these features. Well thats my suggestion.

DGnarnia 10 months ago

more wasteland gambling features instead of the russian roulette. something you can play with npc and gamble all your money at once. some safehouse activity everyone could join too, it would be a nice feature to connect members

DGnarnia 10 months ago

and also information of what are the disadvantages of zero (or low) hunger or runs out of Happiness. Info to encourage themselves to look around for food and stuff.

Flatmaster 10 months ago

I'd like to be redirected to the last thing I was doing after being revived. Would make exploration and scavenging a lot smoother. I would also like to have some order to the inventory. Alphabetical would be fine. Also a convert all whisky to stats button please ???? Otherwise you're all doing a wonderful job, thanks!

Maszke 10 months ago

I want images? It breaks the point of the game but could be nice

Loveless 10 months ago

What i want the most? I want to know what that "manager" NPC purpose in this game!!! Give npc more description please!

Tallulah 10 months ago

I know 'Welcome to the Apocalypse' is to help new players but as i was reminded by others this only lasts for a short while. I believe we need something that can be toggled on or off by newer players or even players who have left and come back to new features they know nothing about. A Tutorial Guide of sorts would be brilliant. So for example, I click on Train and there would be a text box at the top of the page explaining what Train is, how it works, how happiness affects it, how long it takes to regen and what else can be done to give yourself more energy. Quite a few new players often come into Discord asking for help with things that could be seen if such a guide was available. Of course we don't mind helping them on Discord but this would be better for those who do not go on Discord and for those who want an answer straight away without having to wait for someone to come online to answer their question.

T0M 10 months ago

More reasons to be a donator.

T0M 10 months ago

Also would be nice to have like a weekly update on what’s to come and what isn’t being released. Maybe have like a day of the week that updates are put out each week. Even if the update is just “we are working on x tentative release is x” a schedule would be super nice to know things are progressing

T0M 10 months ago

A new skill to focus on training

CaptainLoser 10 months ago

I would like a zombie worshipping cult to fight. Kinda like the children of Atom in Fallout, except they worship the zombies/Zombo as their God. Plus, it would add a little more variety to the enemies you fight in raids and such. Also a WWI trench shotgun that would be better than the regular shotgun. More damage and maybe it could always have a chance of getting a glancing blow that does a small amount of damage because of the spread

Seabiscuit 10 months ago

A minor thing, but I would love to see the time it takes to make Whisky be say 20 hours instead of 24... So it's easier to time it. When it's 24 hours then no matter what it's gonna get later and later in time each day. Like its up for 'harvest' at 5:00 one day, you get around to sowing by 5:05, then the next day its 5:05 harvest, etc, just gets later and later. It wouldn't make a huge difference in gathering whisky, you'd still be gathering once a day, it'd just be a REALLY nice quality of life thing.:')

BladeTalon 10 months ago

i can definitely come up with a bunch of new awards if everyone agrees for more awards. Also I would really love there to be added a "Amount" spot to sell a certain amount of items when selling instead have to sell, go back to inventory click sell again, and then wait to load, and repeat. too slow

I would like a cuddle, a cuppa and a nap.

jr 10 months ago

More stuff to do for xp. Current gains are too tiny to even think about level 12. Bring back sh raids. More fightable zombies outside of raids New high end weapons for high end raids

usernamereset10 10 months ago

A completely revamped leveling system. Artificially capping players and making them level every 3+ months is not a way to maintain engagement.

Aron 10 months ago

Be able to fight pepole that are stronger in level and not lose to them

Blaize 10 months ago

Perhaps adventures in every area? Ie travel along the road, take the fork in the road, find a zombie den, attack and kill zombies... really enjoying the recent updates!

GreenSlime 10 months ago

Hunger bar max at 300 as DP feature

Anthias 10 months ago

Auto-equip feature for the best weapons and armor in inventory. I have a hard time telling which weapon is better than another.

Swap21 10 months ago

How about event that instead we raided zombei this time the zombey (trying) to raid each safehouse and member of safehouse try to hold out a wave of zombei attack?

Anthony 10 months ago

a wiki of everything in the game

The Joker 10 months ago

Want to lower Effies level !

kingalta 10 months ago

a way to make bread without a safehouse, if a player isn't in one.

Resin 10 months ago

Some direction. Idk wtf to do

Resin 10 months ago

An easier way to find people/zombies to attack please

Toothless 10 months ago

An NPC to sell me wood planks.

Boiifyo 10 months ago

This may be a long one but these don't have to be added or not now but i'm thinking of ideas you can go off and get people's responses to these. 1.A better leveling system with leveling rewards. 2.An actual map of the Zapoco world to add depth to the game. 3.A story line or mode. 4.A way to allow low level players just joining to climb the ranks faster. 5.Seasons so how other games get reset in seasons so season 1, 2, 3, 4 etc... so it allows people to get higher in the ranks and allow the game to be more fluent. 6.Attachments for guns and full customization for guns and clothes and of the kind. 7.Cool events, missions and more quests and npcs to do with the game. 8.Almost like an exploring sort of thing where you choose where to search fully and what do you do in situations. 9.Stats for consumables to detail the specific times you can consume in between if you get what I mean. 10.A looting survival type aspect to the game. 11.More starter gear. Okay that is what I think could be cool reply to this with suggestions and any better ideas as I said at the start these don't have to be in here or not now but in the future. Thank you for this lovely game. <3

Chaos666King 10 months ago

What about a pet bird or dog? like a way we can find or buy a companion that can help guard us when we explore or help protect us from getting mugged?

Resin 10 months ago

Moving the squad raids section from the city in the safehouses, or making a similar bit within a safe house, so we can do extra raids in there for more rep

I would like to be able to combine items to create new custom items (ex: Legendary Savage Flak Jacket and a pair of Angel Wings to create a Legendary Savage Angel Flak Jacket) and also to repair/upgrade items with other similar items (ex: repair/upgrade a Legendary Lousy Combat Machine Gun with a Reliable Machine Gun to create Legendary Reliable Machine Gun).

SedokaiYeet 10 months ago

On April Fools everyone should have a random item on their inventory removed forever. Thanks

ibs0902 10 months ago


IcyHeart 10 months ago

A Zapoco app for the App Store, not just Google Play

IcyHeart 10 months ago

Inventory Organization

bc 10 months ago

While it's certainly been nice getting spoiled with 1-gas locations lately, I loved the idea that was floated a while back about a more complex map with a more reality-based distance system. Tougher locations are farther out from central and you may have to drive through one to get to another location, etc. I think this could start to add more story-based feel to the game in the long run as well if there were a rough visualization of the overall map too.

Renji 10 months ago

All the good ideas written to be implemented

Anthony 10 months ago

filter function for safehouse notifications

astephenson 10 months ago

More vehicles and more locations.

Maszke 10 months ago

i will like more intuitive gameplay, let us fight zombies early on

T0M 10 months ago

Not sure if this has been said somewhere, but i think its worth saying again. VEHICLE STORAGE OPTIONS

Elena 10 months ago

Hi Zapoco team! Much appreciated for your attention. I think the development of this game is going well, I am enjoying my time, and I hope it is worth your time investment as well. I would like to see the date and time for notifications. I think it is weird to me how any higher level player can always attack a lower level player. What is the reason behind this? I think it would be nice to defend yourself better. Go into hiding, fortify position, etcetera?

No boi 10 months ago

Easier level ups

Resin 10 months ago

a better server too, if it all possible? I sometimes take a long ass time to load anything

Agunzi 10 months ago

Fix the app so the when you push the back button, it doesnt exit the game, and when you turn your phone from portrait to landscape accidentally, it doesnt refresh and take you back to the home screen ;)

Resin 10 months ago

Could the notification of people replying to a thread lead to that exact content. Perhaps also denote replies to comments as such so we don't have to scroll our asses off

oduska 10 months ago

Implement REST API for faster actions/page loads? :: A visible cooldown timer :: Ability to delete/archive messages :: Show the last X amount of notifications in case we accidentally 'Mark as Read' :: "Sell Max" on the Grain Prices page :: "Search Item Market" on item page/inventory list :: Squad Raid email/discord/app alerts :: Fix missing button icon for "...automatically deposit into my stash"

SlitMyWrist 10 months ago

Single Player raids perhaps??? You know the players are from all different timezone...

DGnarnia 10 months ago

how about report player function

Darth Vader 10 months ago

Oookay, I get that it's not a good idea to let members take out safehouse inventory, but please let them submit requests to withdraw a weapon (so the leader can just "accept"). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Safehouse forums don't do a very good job, we should have an informal chat that is permanent; it feels weird to start a thread unless you're the leader. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Your "Wardrobe" should be left in Central (unlimited storage) which is where you keep your clothing: this is necessary because your 6 equipped items could have specific bonuses or worth. Additionally, the only way to transport 'clothing' is to wear it. (Diamond Earrings could sell for more outside of Central, but you'd have to wear them all the way there first.) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------There should be a reason to keep all of your other s*** weapons around. For example, make a certain raid give a x3 bonus to Sniper Rifles or Shotguns. Team raids would be better handled with something "Tactical". -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Also, overhauling "Explore" would be cool. You have a maximum of 6 "encounters" (perhaps poison gas, hidden snares, frosty wind, mosquitoes, etc.). If you have the appropriate clothing, you're immune (gas mask, hiking boots, heavy coat, insect repellent, etc.), Otherwise, you sustain either damage or lose some stats (not permanently). You have a chance of encountering a zombie each round, but are guaranteed one on Round 6. If you beat the zombie, you will find an item, if you lose, you crawl to the hospital. Your rewards increase based on how late the zombie comes (if the zombie finds you round 1, you won't get much for rewards. If your zombie comes 6th round, then you will have a chance at the best stuff. Ask me any questions!

SedokaiYeet 10 months ago

You know how the listing system works with points? can we do something like that with the normal items for the market? I'm tired of constantly going back to my inventory just to sell 1000 plastic lockpicks.

feewet 10 months ago

faster exploring. takes a load of time

T0M 10 months ago

Actual replies on our feedback and to hear your thoughts and see what direction you actually wanna take the game. @Tom

jamlin 10 months ago

I think that you could add some sort of automatic harvester and sower for the fields, like hiring a farmhand or something that you pay for. Or even a tractor/other ways to upgrade your land more

kanosthefallen 10 months ago

How about a bounty system. Might cut down on the bread thiefs if people could put bounties on them.

RemissCabbage71 10 months ago

How about an XP bar?

Xiren 10 months ago

Additional silos.

IcyHeart 10 months ago

More safehouse awards

IcyHeart 10 months ago

Here's a suggestion for Safehouse Gifting. You should be able to gift an item to someone in any location, but the price varies from 1k to 15k. Such as Suburbs being 5k send an item there, Exurb 10k, and Rural 15k, and everything that costs 1 gas is 1k. But Central is still free Gifting.

T0M 9 months ago


Drexol 9 months ago

I would say more survival content.

MCFritzTheFox 9 months ago

Maybe an experience bar to see how much XP we have?

usernamereset10 9 months ago

Please give your devs ability to push updates. Without them this game would have died many months ago. It's depressing that it's lingering on deaths door yet again. Let them keep it alive.

T0M 9 months ago

Good night sweet prince and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!

Seabiscuit 9 months ago

Tom, you had this amazing, super talented nerdy dev team working for you, for free, all because they believed in this game and wanted to see it succeed. And you wasted it. I hope you're happy.

HolyBoiledCabbages 7 months ago

Monthly reread

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