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Posted 3 years ago by ThunderGunExpress

Happy new year everyone! This is our gift to you a small update with many quality of life updates and some fun new things too!

Land -> There are now Sow/Harvest & Collect/Produce All buttons for Acres/Distilleries/Refineries. Not only will they save you some time, they still count your producer bonus!

NOTE: When harvesting all acres, if you have 10 acres and only 10 spots left in your silo, and your yield is above that because of the producer bonus, the excess will be sold off at the current price per tonne

You may now build a 3rd type of building, for storage, it can hold up to 150 generated items, and yes you can build more than one, but it’s only one per acre.

Buildings can now be destroyed, with a portion of the items being returned (yes the controller is one of them)

Safehouse -> The inventory has a fresh new look! It should be much easier to read, also gift/withdraw button bug where displaying at the wrong times is fixed.

Skills-> There are now base abilities for all the skills, these abilities are granted at skill level 1

Fighter-> (WIP This one is taking longer but it’ll be worth it we promise)

Guardian-> Will never use fists when defending

Producer-> Can use up to 22 acres vs the normal 20

Gatherer-> Regenerates nerve at 2x the rate

Grain Price is now visible on all pages with a link directly to the sell page!

We as a team are really excited to bring you this part of the skill update and will have the fighter one ready as soon as possible.

Along with all this are various bugfixes and enhancements to Zapoco, we’ve really tried to bring you a better more streamlined experience and please feel free to send us all the feedback!

Once again, we’d just like to say it’s a wonderful journey we’re on here with you guys and thank you so much for playing Zapoco!


tom 3 years ago


Love it!

Gamers 3 years ago

Brilliant update :)

bc 3 years ago

Wow this is good stuff.

feewet 3 years ago


isdnil 3 years ago

teej for president

FG_ToXiC 3 years ago

You forgot explorer!! XD

I love it. I absolutely love it. Yup. Love. There are BUTTONS that do everything and just... Yes. Absolutely.

TSM 3 years ago


Sartori 3 years ago

This is fantastic. Looovvveee

Amaya 3 years ago

Explorer don't receive a skill abilities ?

Zazyman 3 years ago

General Kenobi!

beanpole007 3 years ago

Amazing! This is one of those updates that makes life sooo much easier????

CaptainLoser 3 years ago

General Kenobi! You are a bold one.

Krimsonite 3 years ago

had to ask myself, "was that grain price always under hunger?" lol love surprises first thing in the morning ;)

Cern 3 years ago


Romeo 3 years ago

good deal

marticuscool 3 years ago

amazing update, love the changes.

cade007 3 years ago


IcyHeart 3 years ago

Love this update!!!

Dorgath 3 years ago

Very nice update!

Insidious_ 3 years ago


Loveless 3 years ago

Oh a new shiny update Zapoco keep getting better

usernamereset2 3 years ago

Thanks TGE, cheers

GreenSlime 3 years ago

Superb. Once again I would like to say thanks to the dev team for this great game.

DGnarnia 3 years ago

awesome updates

Flatmaster 3 years ago

Great work chaps! Happy new year, and thank you!

Xiren 3 years ago

What is this broken AF update?! I LIKE IT!!!!

Flatmaster 3 years ago

Oh my god, the land changes are magnificent!

BladeTalon 3 years ago

this is an awesome update to come back to zapoco to.

DatYTdude 3 years ago

Great update making the game better

ibs0902 3 years ago

instant bon3r

Agunzi 3 years ago

Any chance of fixing the app so the back button doesn't exit the app, and when you accidentally flip your phone, it doesn't reload to the home page?

RemissCabbage71 3 years ago

This is awsome!

Chaos666King 3 years ago

i might just start playing now.

Chaos666King 3 years ago

Been playing and i love the new upgrades. This is getting a lot deeper now that im growing.

websavvy 3 years ago

The Fighter update is now permanently WIP. :'(

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