Bread Thieving

Posted 2 years ago by ThunderGunExpress

Alright, to address this bread thief issue, it is YOUR responsibility as a safehouse to make sure you don't get stolen from. It's the apocalypse and we have no problem with spies/thieves and whatever underbelly may surface.

NOW, what we do have a problem with is using ATLs (which are against the ToS) to fake your way into safehouses, steal bread and send it to a main so you can't easily be black listed and hunted down, if you're so brave to steal bread, why not pin your name to it?

We also do not condone, or will tolerate any form of harassment, bigotry, bullying, or discrimination.

Thank you for your understanding - TGE

Jaxtherax 2 years ago

Exactly some guy entered my safehouse and stole all our bread

Maxwell13 2 years ago

yes yes i did

GeneralBreadObtainer 2 years ago


Forknut 2 years ago


Maxwell13 2 years ago


Forknut 2 years ago

I was Ilikefarming and i was 10912 and The Realist 420

Anthony 2 years ago

whats an ATL?

beanpole007 2 years ago

i feel so bad fro starting this, i did not know that stealing bread from the stuff of legend safehouse would lead to a movement of bread theifs

Bo 2 years ago

You should make an limit per day.

SedokaiYeet 2 years ago

But we will have our own post of the game its better than the frozen wasteland update why it is on the top

SedokaiYeet 2 years ago

^ Wasn't me btw

tom 2 years ago


Loveless 2 years ago

Ay if you are brave enough to steal the breads make sure you brave enough to face what happen next

Trust no one, kill em dead if they look at you funny, feast on bread, but most importantly, no disguises! Chickens wear disguises.

R6 is may bay 2 years ago

I got 5 account ban and still direct messaged thundergun after the first two does it look like im scared my main and all my alts are banned 11 months just remember i love BREAD. thx for the ban thunder love ya

Maxwell13 2 years ago

who started it then huh?

Krimsonite 2 years ago

All true! Bread/item thieving is all fair game. That being said, I still will keep my No Admittance thread as noob safehouses like me, need to know about degenerates with ID numbers over 11k Older safehouses already have their leadership in place, but for the new peeps, this is useful info. I'm surprised to hear more about bread thieving than rip offs with trades. Like one person not sending items after being paid, lol

bc 2.0 2 years ago

Yep discord is great i played this for a month on 10912

T0M 2 years ago


bc 2.0 2 years ago

i didnt read just clicked through

Insidious_ 2 years ago

TGE is awesome, notice me senpai ;D I AM THE SENATE!

FG_ToXiC 2 years ago

THANK YOU :D also the idea is pretty cool of like, spies and theives in the apocalypse. But like. >:( yup.

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