'Tis the season to be Jolly!

Posted 1 year ago by Mer1in

The festivities have begun! The Frozen Wasteland awaits you!

New Shops! New Scavenges! New Squad Raids! and lots of little goodies! This seasonal land will only be open until Jan 15th, which means the items along with the festivities are for a limited time as well! (Items found during this time can be kept and used, but no longer obtainable after the 15th)

We've also tried to incorporate a few different foods that are enjoyed traditionally during the upcoming holidays, so please indulge yourselves.

On a serious note, the ZP team would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for playing this game and bringing much joy and happiness to our lives. I'm pretty sure we love making fun features in this game as much as you love playing them!

Happy Holidays from all of us here at ZP Headquarters!
Tom, Thunder, Maser, and Mer1in


iamperson 1 year ago


HandsomeJack 1 year ago

????❤traveling there now!

Insidious_ 1 year ago


Gamers 1 year ago

Nice :)

LongGone 1 year ago

Ayyyyye Les go going to check it out

FG_ToXiC 1 year ago

yeeeet lettuce gooo!

Eelthing 1 year ago


FG_ToXiC 1 year ago

I swear, if the grand zolar express comes christmas eve, I'm going to be there.

BladeTalon 1 year ago


ThunderGunExpress 1 year ago

bc 1 year ago

Nice work! And seriously thank you all for all the work you put into this game. It's come a long way!!

NotePad 1 year ago

how to ride on the express train in this frozen land?

Christmas land! YES! :D

Ksil 1 year ago

I found a Holiday Cookie already :)

finn 1 year ago

i wish there was a way i could change my name

MilkSock 1 year ago


Mer1in 1 year ago

[Many comments were deleted here] - Please refrain from having a normal conversation in forum posts. This is not the place to have discussions about CB radios and where to find them and how poor Michael is. There are plety of players willing to help on discord: https://discord.gg/rFAq7M

SedokaiYeet 1 year ago

In Christmas, everyone should get a random item.

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