Official Zapoco Discord!

Posted 8 months ago by OhhPaigey

Special thanks to BladeTalon for going ahead and setting up a Discord for us. Hope to see everybody in there!


BladeTalon 8 months ago


Anthem 8 months ago

Count me in :)

DehgiloR 8 months ago

I suggest that the admin creates a button-link and implement it to the header of the main page. (That way everyone will see it, also in the future)

LilTop 8 months ago

Also, I suggest putting a permanent discord link. I was not able to use the link provided since it said it expired!

JoshuaKean 8 months ago

Awesome stuff!

Sunset.Lux 8 months ago

The game reminds me of Mob Wars, we used to play it way back in the myspace days. I like the concept. I feel it could use some graphic pop ups when certain things happen and just some character avatars from NPC like the trucker etc. I missed games like this so its fun. Ill keep trying it out

Romeo 1 month ago

so far its been fun

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