Skills, Item Crafting & Boosts Release

Posted 10 months ago by tom

After lots of hard work, we are delighted to officially announce the launch Skills & Crafting, along with a new Home and Inventory page UI.

Skills. There are currently 5 different classes available to choose from: Gatherer, Fighter, Producer, Guardian and Explorer. Each class come with a skill that you can level up, each with their own benefits. You can switch classes once every 48 hours.

Crafting: For each of the above skills you have the ability to craft unique items, these can range from Weapons to Consumables.

Boosts: A limited number of items can now be consumed giving a temporary 'Boost' to individual stats. We will let you figure the rest out!

Other updates to note:
- A new Homepage, split down into tabs for easier navigation across any device you wish
- A new Inventory, this page has also been split down into tabs, grouping each category
- Player ‘Ranks’ have now been dropped in favour of Skills

As always, you all are fantastic community, thank you for the support and making Zapoco what it is!

Tom and the team


ThunderGunExpress 10 months ago


Grampa W 10 months ago


TheHUMBLEPotato 10 months ago


Elena 10 months ago

Much appreciated. Looking forward sinking my teeth into this and learning more about it. <3

HolyBoiledCabbages 10 months ago

This Is So Epic

MilkSock 10 months ago

Quality update, thanks C:

GreenSlime 10 months ago

Out of the blue, unexpectedly, an epic update. Wow wow wow....

bc 10 months ago

Updates are coming fast and furious lately! :)

Gamers 10 months ago

Awesome :)

Tatsuhiro 10 months ago

So if I level up a skill, and then switch skills, will I retain the levels of my previous skills when I switch back?

CrashCoyote 10 months ago


RemissCabbage71 10 months ago


RosePetals 10 months ago

This is amazing

Loveless 10 months ago

1 hours and people still searching for a syringe Lolololol

Oooooh what's... Wowww... Okay :)

BladeTalon 10 months ago


tvor 10 months ago

Hell yes

freezeep 10 months ago

OMG thank you so much for putting alternating shades on all the item categories so I can tell which buttons go to what THANK YOU!!

usernamereset2 10 months ago

These updates kept getting better & better. Keep em coming. On a separate news, where's all my fish lmao..

Hands 10 months ago

Another great update, keep them coming! If you guys can keep putting out content at this recent rate I have no doubt this game will flourish.

Flatmaster 10 months ago

Thanks Guys! Amazing work!

Roninx 10 months ago


CabbagesRGreat 9 months ago

Hello fellow Cabbages!

SedokaiYeet 9 months ago


dankmaster 9 months ago

did you lower the explore item find rate or have i just been extremely unlucky the last 2 days

GreenSlime 9 months ago

Does producer bonus also apply to gas can and whisky production?

ibs0902 9 months ago


dieing 9 months ago


redcrescent 9 months ago

where I can buy syringe?

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