Hey, hey, hey! It’s time for an update!

Posted 1 year ago by ThunderGunExpress

We bring to you a major overhaul of how the land system works.

Acres can no longer be sold player to player in a market fashion.

Acre cost is now based on how many you own, not the global market.

Acre’s no longer require energy to sow or harvest – instead you will be limited to 20 lands “cooking” at a time, in addition to your homeland for a total of 21.

Acres are no longer limited in global quantity, but you are limited to a max number of 50 acres per player.

Minor updates for GENERATED ITEMS ONLY

The percentage values for item stats now display on the item page (if a value passed 100 it will display that value).

Send/Sell/Use buttons are now on the individual item pages.


You can now see your final attack on the NPC kill page.

The “Whoops” page when trying to defeat your NPC during “Welcome to the apocalypse” has been resolved.

Thanks to all of you for playing Zapoco and helping make all the work we do so gratifying and fun, the players make the game, and all of you are awesome!

Good afternoon, good evening and goodnight!


bc 1 year ago


jr 1 year ago


I am crying happy tears! Well done guys :D

Gamers 1 year ago

Great update ????

T0M 1 year ago

!goldstar @AdminsAndMods

usernamereset2 1 year ago

10/10 update, cheers!! ????????????

isdnil 1 year ago


Hands 1 year ago

great work!

Insidious_ 1 year ago

Yayyyyyyy, wtg!

DehgiloR 1 year ago

Bad update. Removing the aspect of prioritizing your energy shouldnt happen. It limit the way to play the game, and lets everyone do the same, instead of encouraging different ways of play-styles and focuses.

jr 1 year ago

haha. theres always one

usernamereset10 1 year ago

Top stuff guys. Now we can start spreading the word and build back the playerbase.

GreenSlime 1 year ago

Yeah. Terrific

freezeep 1 year ago

Time for that post apocalyptic golf course I always wanted :D

FG_ToXiC 1 year ago

yeet, Thanks TGE for taking care of that problem for me!!

Eelthing 1 year ago

I have 24 land. It'll cost 675k to buy more..... I do like the energy update though. Great Job!!

FG_ToXiC 1 year ago

If you can only cook 20 at a time, why can you buy 50??

CaptainLoser 1 year ago

Praise be to the mighty TGE. Truly, his blessings rain down upon us all.

HolyBoiledCabbages 1 year ago

Okay this is epic

redcrescent 1 year ago

Nice update one, now i can think how i will use my energy other than just using it to sow-harvest-sow-harvest-sow-harvest unlimited time

SlitMyWrist 1 year ago

Removing the energy requirement for sowing-harvesting really does make things more lively. Now more things can be done rather than focusing on sowing-harvesting. Great update and truly deserves 2 thumbs up (b^_^)b

Tatsuhiro 1 year ago

Awesome! :D

Nugget92 1 year ago

Maybe I'm just lazy but now I want a sow all button more than ever

kakashi 1 year ago


tvor 1 year ago

No reason to have donator status anymore at least :)

RemissCabbage71 1 year ago

Hey, hey, hey, I'm a noob at this game!

BladeTalon 1 year ago

when did it update that bread gives 25% hunger?

Elena 1 year ago

Hi, I am new to this game. I have been playing for more than one week at this point. I am glad and looking forward to see where this game goes to. Also, much appreciated that the first quest works again! <3

Elena 1 year ago

I can confirm that the quest works. It took quite some energy to kill the zombie, and Tom gave me an espresso a couple days ago I used today to kill the zombie. Much appreciated.

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