Spooky Update!

Posted 8 months ago by ThunderGunExpress

Deep through the misty region of northwest Zapoco, we bring to you a new location... Blood Mountain!

Along with this new location we are Introducing MORE Items of all categories, MORE Scavenges, and STUFF! All of the new items are Horror themed and limited edition! The items will only be available for a short period of time so get out there while the getting’s good!

HINT: While you’re out there, if you come across a small box... be careful with it.


CoffeeLover 8 months ago

YESSSSS!! ????

4-Sale. PM me. 8 months ago

Ohhh snap Blood mountain here i come

I wanna touch the box

Gamers 8 months ago

Nice :)

CaptainLoser 8 months ago

This is awesome.

Loveless 8 months ago

Well goodbye exurb and blood mountain, here i come!!!

HolyBoiledCabbages 8 months ago

This is so epic

FG_ToXiC 8 months ago

*listens to rock music while driving there* GIMME DAH BOX I VILL OPEN IT AND DESTROY IT AND DO ALL THINGS NOT CAREFUL WIF IT!!

Tallulah 8 months ago

As always brilliant update!

SlitMyWrist 8 months ago

Doing some scavenging at the new place...and I puked a crayon I ate while I was eleven...lolz

335336 8 months ago


FG_ToXiC 8 months ago

would you find this box by exploring over there or by scavenging?

Tatsuhiro 8 months ago

So there's the box... other than that is there anything that can be found that's not in the S-Mart??

753601 8 months ago

Hi, I'm new here guys. Can somebody guide me? hehe thanks! :)

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