April Referral Contest - WIN Big Rewards

Posted 2 years ago by tom

Promoting Zapoco can be worthwhile! We’re running an April Referral contest starting on Sunday (1st - 29th April) with a big Prize Pool:

1st Place: 20,000 Vaccines + 1/1 Rare Collectors Item
2nd Place: 10,000 Vaccines + Golden Egg
3rd Place: 5,000 Vaccines
4th Place: 2,500 Vaccines
5th Place: 1,000 Vaccines

How to get the most out of promoting Zapoco – simple rules to follow!
- Do not promote the game if you are not using your personal referral link - sign ups won't be logged to your account.
- New players you refer must reach level 4 to count towards your ranking.
- Abusing referral policy by creating multiple accounts, referring yourself and taking advantage of the referral system is a bannable offense!

Your referral link can be found on your Home or City page: https://www.zapoco.com/z/**Your ID**
For example mine would be: https://www.zapoco.com/z/1

You will still also receive normal referral rewards every-time a new player signs up with your referral link.

Tips for sharing your referral link:
- Social Media
- Forum posting/signatures
- Traffic Exchangers (after registration you set the page you would like to promote (insert your *referral link) and start viewing other people’s websites. For that you are rewarded (in most cases) with some credits you can further assign to your referral link/campaign)

We are grateful to every referral, every link shared, and every word said about Zapoco as you are helping Zapoco to become a major game in this genre in 2018! We appreciate every player as a part of our community.


MrBones 2 years ago

Who won the Golden Egg and what was the rare collectable?

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