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Posted 1 year ago by ThunderGunExpress

Survivors, rejoice!

Tom and the dev team were able to coalesce and push some updates and fix some of those pesky bugs that have been plaguing our Farm Lands for days. The following are updates/fixes that went live yesterday afternoon:

*Bug = Selling price of Grain Tonnage high price point is back to 5000.

*Update = Generated ZSD is now working properly.

*Update = Squad Raids now give the same XP as a bleed of the player the same level as the raid difficulty.

*Update = Generated Items now have a wider variety of descriptions, increased and decreased stat variations, increased values and there is now a chance for ultra-boosted stats. (You’ll have to wait and see, you will know when it happens)

*Update = Lock pick Selection Order now displays the most powerful lock pick you have when attacking a player and attempting to raid their stash.

The Dev Team will continue working hard and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for new content! We appreciate your patience over the past few weeks, thank you everyone! - TGE


Roninx 1 year ago


usernamereset10 1 year ago

Thanks for finally getting things up and running again and looking forward to all that's coming. Tom if you lurk here... Give your devs permission to push content already... The game cannot survive another hiatus.

Flou 1 year ago

Good to see you're back tom, we missed you!

CoffeeLover 1 year ago


Nice :D So... Halloween update, orrr? There's still time!

Derpius Maximum 1 year ago

I like turtles.

HolyBoiledCabbages 1 year ago

Also ya could bring back Zombo

Loveless 1 year ago

I almost though someone kidnap tom and he is missing

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