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Posted 1 year ago by ThunderGunExpress

First-off we just want to say thank you so much for playing Zapoco, the players make the game and all of you are wonderful. If it wasn’t for you guys we’d have nothing to strive for, and we can’t thank you enough. We wanted to address the issues pending in the game and let you know why we are behind schedule on resolving them. Currently the games creator Tom, has been really busy trying to handle some stuff personally and has been unable to contribute his time to the game. He’s still around, and he should be back within a couple weeks, but we wanted to be transparent and let all of you know that these issues won’t be resolved until he is back on a regular basis.

The developer/staff can still help you with a multitude of issues and are still working on updates behind the scenes, there will not only be fixes coming with Tom’s return but new features, items, and fun stuff to do. We appreciate your patience more than anything, and I wanted to share a little bit of what we’re working on while we wait.

TGE – Is currently collaborating with Merlin on an update to Travel, revamping explore, and a small update for squad raids, and numerous bug fixes.

Merlin – Is working up a brand-new travel map with a bajillion new places to go, re-balancing gas cost and travel times, and much much more!

Maser – Making sure when we release all this stuff it’s not bugged and someone ends up with 10,000,000 vacs and 20 ZP1’s


Zazyman 1 year ago

General Kenobi! More seriously, I'm glad that we'll have things upcoming, can't wait to we get our hands on juicy new content!

Tallulah 1 year ago

Ahahahah brilliant announcement but you know i wouldn't mind 10million vacines or 20 ZP1's, in fact, i'd welcome them with open arms =D I could pew pew Zombies in an instant. Very excited for new content! And bug fixes =P

CoffeeLover 1 year ago

Thanks for everything you guys do and for this update ????

Gamers 1 year ago

Great announcement, I appreciate the work you guys do.

GreenSlime 1 year ago

Super support and thanks for keeping us updated.

Flou 1 year ago

Whoever gets the vaccines is getting mugged by shlam. Even if it were shlam that were to receive the vaccines he would mug himself.

bc 1 year ago

Appreciate the update! Thanks!!

BladeTalon 1 year ago

Great update! Thanks for keeping us informed! :D

Robo 1 year ago

Looking forward to the travel update

NotePad 1 year ago

great, and put guandao up for sell in rural will you? I'm like sitting here in rural with just cowboy hats, boots, and a violin of sadness... and scavenging the woods with machete

Loveless 1 year ago

So we will at war with zombo? Bring zombo back!! He done nothing after hospitalizing some player

TSM 1 year ago


ultracola 1 year ago

Could really use some new hats. LIKE and SHARE if you agree!

Kartanix 1 year ago

Excellent! I look forward to the updates! Especially the travel map and new places to explore. Great work so far all!

G G4ming 1 year ago

tbh right now all i wish to see is more land XD theres no land left so for us so we make less vaccs then others

redcrescent 1 year ago

Where is Tom?

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