Zapoco Land Giveaway!

Posted 1 year ago by Mer1in

In order to combat the recent land shortage, I've decided to part with my precious land and give it to someone who will take even better care of it than I do.
And I'll be honest - this contest helps to think of fun/ radical / exciting things to add to Zapoco! So be creative, have fun - there is no 'right' answer.
I have numerous pieces of land and I will choose the top contestants with the best ideas at my discretion! Thanks for playing! Please visit the contest page here:


Mer1in 1 year ago

This contest will be open until I mostly stop receiving entries in the next few days just an FYI

Loveless 1 year ago

Send one

Rose 1 year ago

holy moly too much stuff for me, just gib me dat :c

NotePad 1 year ago

ah, a contest! I still think the lottery is better... lol... ;)

carouser 1 year ago

I did it :)

Tatsuhiro 1 year ago

*camps outside Zapoco's land provision building*

Barnacle 1 year ago

Sent my application, if I was able to entertain you a little it would be enough for me hahaha. But I do hope I get at least on the top 10 answers xD

Loveless 1 year ago

Who else participate? Gather at me!!

redcrescent 1 year ago

I'm bored

Anthias 1 year ago

Thank you for the contest!

freezeep 1 year ago

I probably dont need more land but im a sucker for surveys heh

SlasheršŸ¤ŗ 1 year ago

When do we find out??

Mer1in 1 year ago

I'll try and release the results tomorrow :)

Fellcon 1 year ago

you know... this... I honestly wish it was just a lottery so I don't need to THINK and create a new location and what not... I have no idea what new location ;)

Mer1in 1 year ago

Alright, I have selected the winners in this contest. If your name is listed below, I will have the land transferred to you directly via the database - so in the next few days, it should just "appear" in your land page. For a few of you, I have awarded you 2 lands due to the effort you put in your entry. Thank you all for participating in this contest! Winners: XDeathX, Robo (but is giving the land to player Baljos 9999), Weekyday, Anthias, Rick_Grimes, NotePad, dankmaster, Flatmaster, MaM_Gufo, carouser, Tatsuhiro, Barnacle, Xevinaly, silvervoid22, ZIMBOBWEJONES, BladeTalon, FawkedUp, CaptainLoser, DatYTdude, Slasher , Snakeman34, Elijah Deveraux, HalfWinter, kingalta, ConPlayz, Dragonrider32404, MilkSock, Kickdrive. I would also like point out that about 90% of what we would call 'Veteran" players, (or those who have been here for quite some time and are established), have chosen to donate their land to other participants instead of winning themselves. The community is in good hands. A great reminder to new players that the experienced portion of the community is still looking out for you!

usernamereset2 1 year ago

Thanks Mer1in & congratulations to all the winners! P/s: also, looking forward to the announcement of the new upcoming features :D

Xevinaly 1 year ago

Will we get to see the winning entries?

Magic 1 year ago

I know I joined too late, but I'm sure you'll get a laugh from my entry if you look at it.

Elijah Deveraux 1 year ago

Holy zombies! I won the first contest in Zapoco(Got lucky! xD).Thanks, Mer1in for organizing the contest as well as congratulations to all the winners.

H8ersGonnaH8 1 year ago

I got here too late. I posted 5/6 hours ago!

Flatmaster 1 year ago

Thanks for the competition Mer1in. Has everyone gotten their land yet? Not seeing mine. No rush if not, just wondering.

ConPlayz 1 year ago

I never got my land... How do I receive it?

dankmaster 1 year ago

sweet sweet land , giving mine away to a noob who does not have any

Romeo 1 year ago

That would be me

dankmaster 1 year ago

SCAM!!!! never got my land

Romeo 1 year ago

had to buy the land I have now

Mer1in 1 year ago

:( I have tried my best to get Tom to send it to you. Not a scam, just a well-intentioned giveaway that fell through due to the powers that be. :( I'll see what I can do to refund you :)

Mer1in 1 year ago

I have gifted all of the winners as vaccines for helping out with this giveaway. Sorry for the inconvenience and delay

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