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Posted 2 years ago by ThunderGunExpress

Hello there!

Everyone we apologize for the delay on getting more land out, with a few of us there has been some outside pressure causing the inability to put enough time in to get this issue solved. We really appreciate your patience and hope to have this resolved ASAP.

Thank you -
Zapoco Team


Fellcon 2 years ago

so there will be an announcement when you do release new land, right?

Dragonrider32404 2 years ago

This update is going to be a good one just like the others

bc 2 years ago

Sweet, I want to be able to start planting corn. Nothing like some good corn-on-the-cob to make the wasteland apocalypse feel warm and fuzzy. :)

TSM 2 years ago


Tatsuhiro 2 years ago

Awesome! To help you out I'll let you give me a few acres for free! I don't mind.

Fellcon 2 years ago

why don't we have something like a land lottery? takes 10K to buy a lottery ticket with 10% chance of getting a new piece of land and 50K for the 50% lottery ticket?

codevark 2 years ago

hemp crop ---> clothing (or rope) factory

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