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Posted 2 years ago by tom

Hi All,

Please feel free to post your feedback/thoughts on how training gains should be calculated.

As you are all aware, Zapoco is actively changing and trying to be better.

Please keep your replies positive and constructive.

Thank you all for your support and feedback,


How should training gains be calculated?

Happiness / Hunger:  83/125 (66.4%)

Level / Hunger:  16/125 (12.8%)

EXP / Hunger:  11/125 (8.8%)

Other (Please comment below):  15/125 (12%)


Fellcon 2 years ago

can't you just take all factors into consideration like happiness/level/experience/hunger and most importantly... chance? Since I always get different training results despite under the same conditions of happiness, hunger, level, and what not...

Tatsuhiro 2 years ago

Happiness and hunger but with a modifier where players gains decrease slightly as a stat increases. This reducing modifier could cap off after a stat reaches a certain amount and then it will be solely Happiness and hunger. This will allow active new players to do a little catch up and thereafter it would be race of training frequency. Using Level or Exp and hunger could cause a gap in player stats that cannot be caught up with. Happiness and Hunger would suffice though.

GreenSlime 2 years ago

Factoring in happiness will deter the developing of new SH. Factoring in level/exp will deter new players as they feel that they will never catch up with the older players. I think only factor in hunger is enough.

Samuel 2 years ago

I feel that trains should be based on a happiness/hunger basis but think that happiness should be a player specific thing that can be increased like the silo etc. rather than from the safehouse.

Flou 2 years ago

How about adding steroids? Or like samuel says, it is the same IRL

Samuel 2 years ago

Creating a house of with varying upgrades with different happiness where the stash and silo are upgrades on the house might work. Does safehouse need a training benefit? Maybe the safehouse should have other passive benefits that can be upgraded like %1 training upgrades or -1min hospital times, +1% crime success. Etc.

usernamereset10 2 years ago

I understand the desire to shift away from happiness since it hurts the players who don't want to join a SH, but at the same time doing it by level hurts ALL new players. Perhaps there could be a hybrid solution. Add an extra building (which we could make out of planks) called the gym. Then limit the amount of happiness input to the equation to 3000 (meaning solo players can easily get that with their solo safehouse). Then the gym level contributes the rest to the equation. We could level our own personal gyms using planks and/or vacs to give our own personal stats boosters.

Flatmaster 2 years ago

What about a separate stat that builds up over a week due to how regularly you train. Like in real life, if you train every day, you get the benefits. That way, new or old, you can get max gain in a week, if you're dedicated. Also, it gets people logging in every day, and that can't be bad for the game. You can link it to hunger as well of course.

dankmaster 2 years ago

i think it would be interesting to base it off items. you would be able to trade in any item you find for a certain amount of training time in the gym the better the item the more training you would get

H8ersGonnaH8 2 years ago

I think that training gains should increase the more you train. What you can add too is some options like push-ups, aerobics or cycling etc that'll give some bonuses? Using a type of exercise, push ups for exemple, it'll give some xp in that type until having 100% which it'll let you upgrade to the next lv. By doing so a player at lv 1 exercise with 50% to up to lv 2 will get more points than a player at lv 1 with 10% etc.

Schizobananas 2 years ago

I think using level or exp makes no sense as it increases the gap between older and starting players.

DehgiloR 2 years ago

Just do as Torn. It works.

DehgiloR 2 years ago

Cap traning stats? So the eldest players, who helped building the game and community, should be punished for playing a long time, by having a cap? Please no. There is a reason why Torn has 20k active users. Their system works. And there are TONS of ways to make this game unique and doesnt copy Torn, but in terms of battle stats, there isnt no better system. Make training stats based on your own progression, NOT by SH or other similar stuff. The higher stat you have, the less gain you get. (It should of course be a VERY small and very slow reduction). - This will make sure that old players doesnt get a HUGE lead. But giving them penalties, or make it so that their YEARS of work in the game ends up being worth very little is not the way to go.

Tatsuhiro 2 years ago

Whatever the solution, even if it does cause a power gap, the newer players have to have a means to reach a competitive level of stats.1) Perhaps an experienced player aided system like a partnering system (A low level player up to level/stat total x can get a gym buddy that's level/stat total y or higher to raise their stat gains). 2) The gym could be segmented for players of different level or stat ranges, with each segment gaining a bonus for the total level/ amount of users over it's level so as the game progresses, the gym infrastructure gets bolstered. 3) There could be some blood/ serum culture creation and sale where players can lose a portion of their hunger (from extracting samples of their physical constitution) to create a serum for a particular stat. The serum would only work on players who have a stat that is below the serum creator's stats at the moment of creation and would increment the particular stat by x units up to the stat cap of the serum. The third idea has some potential flaws though as it would a) allow powerful players to cover up their weaker stats rapidly and b) it could push a lot of vaccines into the hands of powerful players (though not necessarily as users only need serums that are sufficiently higher than their stats to get the maximum benefits which might allow lower levels to benefit as powerful serums would cost more) the powerful players would in-turn be able to fund their guilds into infinity and make it difficult for smaller guilds to become competitive. The age old problem of mmo's has always been centered around how to allow people to become the best while giving those that join at a disadvantage a chance to reach the top as well. If we can get newer players to close in on the larger ones just enough as to give them a chance to catch up on their own merit without compromising the progress of the long time active players we should be okay...

DehgiloR 2 years ago

Samuel, I never claimed to play Torn though. I refered to a succesful game I may have tried back in the days.

Quickace 2 years ago

You just nerfed training

190318 2 years ago


Samuel 2 years ago

Any update with what’s happening regarding this?

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