Hunger Update

Posted 2 years ago by tom


Taking onboard players feedback and suggestions, we have updated the way the hunger bar effects gameplay.
Hunger now only effects training, scavenging and exploring. Being hungry will lower the gains and success of these actions.
Hunger will now only drop 1% every 6 hours instead of every hour.

Thank you all again for you feedback and support.

Tom & The ZP Team

ThunderGunExpress 2 years ago

*dances in binary*

bc 2 years ago

Awesome, so no more stopping mid-fight for a nice bit of lunch? Good times!

bc 2 years ago

Any chance we could also increase the bar, so we have to stop and eat less often?

Robo 2 years ago

Looks like sowing a ton of acres won't be as much as a problem anymore.

Woot! Nicely done :D

BladeTalon 2 years ago

I actually didn't mind it.

CaptainLoser 2 years ago

Nice. Thanks guys.

Roninx 2 years ago


Loveless 2 years ago

"Human has evolve" "Now they are have more resist on starving"

Fellcon 2 years ago

so what is the cut-off point? Like 90-100: 90%, 60-80: 70-80%, 50-70: 60%, and below 50 hungry less than 50%?

cauchan 2 years ago

is there any difference if i trained at 50 hunger and if i trained at 100 hunger?

feewet 2 years ago

My only issue is, if hunger affects outcomes, then you actually have to eat more bread than before. For example, if I train at 100 hunger, then it goes to 90. I use whisky. Then have to eat another bread to get to 100 again so the training is most efficient. Are your outcomes only affected if you're starving?

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