Scavenge Update Released!

Posted 1 year ago by OhhPaigey

An update to Scavenges has been launched. The basic idea has been reworked so there's actual progression within the system.

Harder Scavenges than the Restaurant now require certain items. These items can be found in shops in the city, and/or found via Scavenges.

Scavenges now have a chance to reward you with items.

Good luck in your adventures, there might be rare loot to be found!


DehgiloR 1 year ago

Can we find other stuff than the items to do high level scavenges while scavenging? Like in exploring where we can find weapons etc?

ChazD98 1 year ago

Are the higher level scavenges actually worth doing now? It's pretty underwhelming to earn 500 vaccines for doing a 7 nerve scavenge imo.

DehgiloR 1 year ago

If they arent they need to be fixed so they are. lol.

416fraser 1 year ago

That seems a bit better, boring always getting the same thing.

Eelthing 1 year ago

I like the Scavenge update. Do we need to buy the paracord or can it be found?

ibs0902 1 year ago

seems like this is a nice improvement to scavenging

OhhPaigey 1 year ago

A new Scavenge has been added. The Bank, requiring 8 Nerve. Good luck.

Gamers 1 year ago

I think the tactical watch should worth less.

Official Zapoco Admin 1 year ago

things like the warehouse dont even seem worth it. I can burn through all my nerve and get nothing in return outside of a hospital visit.

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