Broken Rules, Bug Fixes and Tweaks

Posted 10 months ago by tom


I wanted to take a moment to remind you all of the behavior prohibited by the Terms of Service. ( These can be read in full here: )

Specifically, I wanted to call out numbers 2 + 3. We've been getting quite a lot of responses to initial warnings of suspicious activity that include "My wife/husband/child/friend plays another account on my computer" - and that is fine. We know that households or roommates can share a single desktop, and in that case, it's fine that two accounts share an IP.

However, if this is the case you find yourself in, we ask that you pay special attention to item #3 - two accounts on one IP address cannot send vaccines, items, or points between themselves. Please abide by the rules.

Additionally, we've completed a round of bug fixes and small tweaks that were requested in the latest feedback post. These include:

Fix - Scavenge Awards
Fix - Weekly Competitions
Change - Removed Referral Awards
Change - Removed Inventory Restrictions on Explore Success
Change - Removed Voting for Arena - Top 100
Change - Wrong Items sent to NPCs as part of Quests will be Returned

As always, you all are a fantastic community, and I'm thankful you've joined us.



Tman23 10 months ago

One easy fix! Can you make it to where I can fish if my pole is equipped as clothing! <3 thanks

ultracola 10 months ago

this is just great, wtf am i gonna complain about now? thanks for NOTHING

Gamers 10 months ago

Good changes :)

usernamereset10 10 months ago

Great patch all round. Wish the weekly awards could be backdated, I'd be swimming in lost points XD.

Eelthing 10 months ago

Nice changes

Samuel 10 months ago

Nice changes, :)

Sigh 10 months ago

Yayyy :D thank you!!!

Gashamzade 10 months ago

Thanks. But stability award still not working.

SlitMyWrist 10 months ago

Not sure if anyone face the same thing as me where buying stacks of Beer from supermarket repeatedly landed me a Spam warning...

Eliandus 10 months ago

Good stuff!

Andos 10 months ago

The attacker rank is still bugged. It lists me as #12 on the overview but I'm actually far less down the ladder (#50) when I inspect it.

DehgiloR 10 months ago

The battle stats rank still seems bugger. Hope you can fix that.

You did good. Very well done!

Schizobananas 10 months ago

I've been a bit bored lately, but these changes really cheer me up. GOOD JOB!!!

Hands 10 months ago

GREAT changes. Thanks guys.

Kartanix 10 months ago

Awesome job team Zapoco! Thanks for making a great thing even better!

redcrescent 10 months ago

majority internet user in my country is using Dynamic IP (from the ISP), how i know if my IP already/being used by another zap user?

DeadAsAMouse 10 months ago

I too have been a little bored and wondering about stopping training for a week to spam explore. But then after a few days become bored of exploring. This way i can do both!!!!!!!!! <3 Tom and ALL the devs 'cept Maser just because #BlameMaser <3 Honestly though i know you are all volunteers on the dev team and we all sure appreciate the time and effort you put into this game. Thanks <3

Hands 10 months ago

Seems like explore item limit still exists. A bunch of us with lots of items are still getting <5% success rate.

Blaize 10 months ago

Can I get my spanner back from the professor then? Seems awfully selfish of him to keep it...

Gaspode 10 months ago

I would also be highly suspicious if the shared IP was being used just as a farm within the same Safehouse.

ibs0902 10 months ago

christmas came early

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