Requesting Feedback on Upcoming Features!

Posted 3 years ago by tierbeer

Hi all!

The dev team has been hard at work planning out the next release, but Tom felt it was important to make sure we were incorporating your thoughts as well!

Some of the things we've been discussing as a team, along with specific questions we'd love your thoughts on:

1. Adding New Quests - we are finally working on an actual storyline for Zapoco (and my BF Zombo)!

Question: Were the new quests too hard for you? Too easy? Do you prefer something challenging or are you just in it for the badge and loot?

2. Reworking Safehouses - this wouldn't be new and exciting, but we all know there are some features that, over time, we've realized need some tweaking. These would include completely overhauling safehouses - raids, how happiness works, member limits, upgrades, etc.

Question: If you could redo raids, what would you do differently?

Question: We've had back and forth about how much of an impact happiness has on training - specifically in that, unless you are a member of a huge safehouse, your training gains aren't going to be awesome. This hurts players who enjoy building their own safehouses, but also the players in large safehouses would lose some of those advantages. What are your thoughts on that?

3. ZOMBIE RAIDS. So, not that I'm biased at all here (jk I'm totes biased), one of the ideas we've talked about a lot is how to incorporate zombies more into the gameplay. I don't want to get into a lot of details here since the surprise will be sooo worth it, but this would add another way for safehouses to fight and gain respect without having to attack other players and their safehouses.

Question: On a scale from 10 - 11, how much do you LOVE this?

Vote on the poll, and please use the comments below to share some of your other dreams for Zapoco.

(PS: On a high level, we have a few smaller fixes/enhancements that we will be addressing at some point - Awards are all wonky, we know. We're sorry! We also have things like safehouse messaging, safehouse notification filtering, Harvest all/Sow All (my dream!), and a few others.)

As always, we truly love this little community being built, and we love hearing from you all. The best way to chat with other players and the dev team is our official Discord:

xoxooxo Tomas (and the rest of the devs)

What does your little zombie-killing heart dream of?

1. Moar Quests!:  33/138 (23.913043478261%)

2. Fix the Safehouses, plz:  33/138 (23.913043478261%)

3. ZOMBIE RAIDS YAS:  56/138 (40.579710144928%)

4. I have way better ideas than you, and I am writing them down below.:  16/138 (11.594202898551%)


F0ster 3 years ago

New ways to gain energy.

2anonymous4you 3 years ago

Skill tree.

VENKO 3 years ago

I'm 1000% down for zombie raids. I imagine they'd be unscheduled events of X number of zombies attacking your safehouse, and you have to beat them in a certain amount of time before your defense drops to zero, or your kitchen is destroyed, etc.

Loveless 3 years ago

A dog pet?

OneFootInTheGravy 3 years ago

the level of the quest were good I think. I found the riddles hard (but then I'm crap at riddles) but there was plenty of help from the community. I liked that you had to explore (i know some people didn't like this though) to find items but it would have nice if it hadn't been two of the same item, and if you do this again in future quests then maybe up the drop rate just a little.

SlitMyWrist 3 years ago

Would be nice to have another way to Whack a Zed in the Head...

usernamereset10 3 years ago

> Question: Were the new quests too hard for you? Too easy? Do you prefer something challenging or are you just in it for the badge and loot? They were fine. But any new quests in future should be fixed so that NPC's send back items. This was a cause of great frustration for me and I know many others. > Question: If you could redo raids, what would you do differently? Make them actually a battle between two sides rather than the mess that they are now. The SH being raided should get a 1 hour warning (and therefore the raiders need a 1 hour cooldown before they can attack). The SH bank is LOCKED during this time so that the people being raided can't just hide everything. > Question: We've had back and forth about how much of an impact happiness has on training - specifically in that, unless you are a member of a huge safehouse, your training gains aren't going to be awesome. This hurts players who enjoy building their own safehouses, but also the players in large safehouses would lose some of those advantages. What are your thoughts on that? Don't nerf the people in the big safehouses. Instead make a way for the solo player to gain better happiness and balance it out. This will make everyone happy rather than annoying the more developed players. > Question: On a scale from 10 - 11, how much do you LOVE this? 11, but I feel they need to be rebalanced. Suburbs isn't really an endgame location, but there's only like 10 people in the game who can even raid there. Assuming further escalation then Exurbs and Rurals are just untouchable. ****************** Great work though, it was a very fun update <3

aBadMuggerFugger 3 years ago

Less energy spent on attacks :) make it 5 energy just like exploring.

JohnnyDestiny 3 years ago

I would love to build up my own Safehouse but I don't want to lose that sweet Happiness bonus for being in a big Safehouse. Would be cool if that were fixed. That being said I voted for Moar Quests because it gives me something else to do.

2anonymous4you 3 years ago

Is it possible we can see exactly item stats. Like how much damage a weapon does or how much an energy givesn and its cool down. It would be cool to know cause then we can effectively plan and be efficient in time.

T0M 3 years ago

Quest would have been easy-ish if they would have had all the needed info in the at the time i did them

freezeep 3 years ago

Some ideas: *Clothing has stats that actually affect something, *customizable avatars, or at least maybe a group of avatars to pick from, like just a headshot pic/etc. (Could even look tired or bloody when low health), (I'm thinking along the lines of the look of the face of wolfenstein3d at the bottom of the screen when you play) *allow a small bio box per user, so they can add a little back story if they want that people can read when they look at their user page (for those who like to add to immersion. Also, maybe disable HTML for that box if it is added lol) *Add exp bar... we have no clue how close to the next level we are or how effective our explores or attacks are. *Add option to chop off infected limbs... JK lol but theres some good ideas for the idea box :)

redcrescent 3 years ago

Show us the cooldown (energy refill, "whisky", nerve refill, etc) in "countdown" in left sidebar

Eelthing 3 years ago

1. Pretty sure Tom didn't Write that. It screams of you Tier (if so I like your energy) 2. Less buggy Quests. 3. Remove Item Limit on Scavenges. 4. Safehouse zombie raids. 5. Solo? Raids or other ways to kill zombies without joining a raid (for those people who like to solo for awards) 6. Better drops and rewards for raids. 7. Travel - it's frustrating to travel to Rural for example to do things and have to bring all your consumables with you. Don't you think that Rural/Suburbs/Exurb would have other shops that see consumables 8. I know levelling is supposed to be thing by reward and not the main part of the game, but it would be nice to see how much experience we earn for doing things. Ties into a Experience Bar. I'd love an experience bar where I didn't have to spend 110pts for 9. Attacks and Hunger. If I start an attack I should be able to finish it, instead of stopping and having to eat if I fall under the 25 hunger limit. I think that's it for now. Cheers.

Kartanix 3 years ago

+1 on the Clothing stats ----- +1 on the Numerical representation of the cooldown, energy etc. "View Source" gets old after a while. ----- +1 Surprise Zombie Attacks ----- +1 Training should be the same for Solo and safehouse members. Personal progress should relate to energy, health (not happiness) (eating the right stuff, not getting drunk on whisky to beat up people).. ---- Great game with a CRAP-TON of potential --- :)

Flou 3 years ago

Make attacks cheaper, 25 energy to 20, you could squeeze one more attack extra that way. Also ways to increase happiness and energy without consumables. For example add books, you could buy one and read it for a bit of time. Like one book equals 500 happiness and you can regenerate your happiness by reading 1/10th of it for example. Also, don't hurt the more developed safehouses and players by nerfing them again. Just add ways to gain happiness. *cough* Or make a steroids consumable *cough* I have more ideas on regenerating consumables for happiness and more things you could use but that is just too much to type for now.

Fix things that are already broken before adding more broken things on top. Also, maybe read and reply to the suggestions part of forums, and help too. It's starting to look like the dev team doesn't venture there, if so, what's the point in a suggestions forum? A lot of new people are struggling. Help them first instead of circle jerking the regulars.

codevark 3 years ago

I also play Urban Dead on a daily basis. I find that Zapoco has some things that I miss when playing UD, and UD has somethings I miss when playing Z. Both have annoying (TMAL) UI issues. Maybe both games should merge to create the ultimate low-tech zombah game!

Zazyman 3 years ago

I'd like to see more flexibility with safehouse roles, being able to make custom roles and being able to have more than one person in some roles. Also, improving safehouse inventory management would be great Tl;Dr features improving safehouse management

Zazyman 3 years ago

Oh, and one other thing: more land would be great (And is sort of needed soon!)

Grampa W 3 years ago

More functionality for the forums would open up the social aspects of the game for people who aren't obsessively on the discord chatroom. A search tool, accurate timestamps, proper text formatting, displaying images in threads and showing more than 12 threads in a page...

bc 3 years ago

Remove 20 item limit (for explore success)

bc 3 years ago

Remove awards-for-referrals.

Yoofaloof 3 years ago

It's surely been mentioned previously, but if not can we get a numerical value too for an items damage stats as well as the bar? Ta.

WalterWhite 3 years ago

Can we have an option to antidote zombies and convert them to part of the safehouse defense system? Almost like a pet zombie, because I feel like we are fighting zombies with some brain function. I mean what if the zombie generator sends me Skyler White, I would like the opportunity to start over.

Hands 3 years ago

Regarding safehouse Zombie Raids... I'm into this idea but it HAS to have lucrative reward (and not just in the form of farming up a bunch of respect for your safehouse). Spending energy attacking NPCs needs to be worth it from an individual progression standpoint compared to spending that energy on training or farming. Currently new features like Squad Raids are not remotely worth the vaccine and energy investment based on returns... not even close. Adding Zombie Raids would just be another flavor of that unless average rewards are substantial.

Loveless 3 years ago

And i ask for the zombie attack to be balanced with the strengh of the sh attacked if not the weak sh will be overwhelmed and it will make player who want to make their own sh to lose and in the end joined the bigger sh (And nope i dont say this in defence for breadhouse :P)

Jaloner 3 years ago

More zombie raids the better :D SH quest ... not like the missions from safehouse ... quest that involve most of the said members of the SH and oh yeah CATS

careless 3 years ago

crafting of weapons or armour at higher levels as well as building upgrade trees

NotePad 3 years ago

"You scavenge the prison but find a dead woman in the boiler room. There is so much blood that you have to flee." good job on the joke writer, so like as much as a red sea that I have to flee?!

Kickdrive 3 years ago

- The new quest idea is great. They were fun, but only lasted about a day. (How about rare drop items that unlock a quest?) - I don't think the raid system is bad. Maybe make more, or give the option for a player to do multiple at the same time. - Agree on the happiness balance. Unless you are in a large safehouse, there is no way to level stats. - Zombie Raids - Yes please. Here's some more. - Considering the low yield on scavenges, the player's bank for nerve points should be higher. - Top players on the leader board should occasionally get attacked by the high level zombie NPC's. This should give the player something. - All food should fulfill hunger, or it shouldn't be called food. Logically, the fact that a can of beans can't decrease my hunger makes no sense. - Players should be able to travel to other points in the game easier, if they choose to refuel at stops. This could be with a linear travel system. Would cost them more fuel and time than someone who could drive direct. - There should be an in-game mechanic for Safehouses to get along. Some boon of sorts for a treaty. This would make Raids more dramatic, and may encourage smaller Safehouses to band together. Not sure how this could be done. - Players should be able to stash a certain amount of items like they stash vaccines. This would help the exploring thing. Maybe make one of the stash vessels a "house" or something. - In-game "stores" should be able to be raided. Who are we giving this money to at Bits and Bobs? We buy things putting vacs into the game, but it's theoretically shrinking the economy by doing so. - Give us another fishing hole! - Players should be able to carry other players to a location somehow. This would logistically be difficult to program, but an SUV should be able to take passengers where an ATV couldn't. - In-game chat should be a feed that displays on some screens, like either a ticker tape, or a feed somewhere. It's currently completely useless and there is no value to it. - Players should be able to just HUNT zombies. I can take out other players, but I can't just walk out and take out Zombies? This seems silly. - You took the time to write the riddles. Can we get some signatures on the NPC's so players can get an idea of what they drop and add some flavor? Maybe add some more NPC's, like the NPC that runs the pharmacy, or the supermarket? Keep up the good work!

Rick_Grimes 3 years ago

I like the idea that in game stores should be raid-able! And adding NPCs that run them. +1

Killermehi 3 years ago

User info and grain stats API please :(.

redcrescent 3 years ago

Because the CURRENT situation (IHOW and Thunderdome), we need feature for Safehouse vs Safehouse

Jaloner 3 years ago

how about chat box within each safehouse? general chat for all the members of the said safehouse :D could be easier aside from DM and discord

bc 3 years ago

Hunger / Bread Tweaks

Indextrh 3 years ago

I agree with XDeathX!A pet would be great in this lonely apocalipse.

Magpie 3 years ago

Zombie raids sounds awesome. Especially as I'm not into PvP.

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