Explore Update

Posted 2 years ago by tom

Hi All,

Due to this being requested by a number of players, the Explore feature (found in the city) has now been updated, the success rate now takes into consideration the number of items in your inventory.

The more items you own, the less chance of finding more by exploring.

Remember you can remove items by selling them or listing them in the item market.



Baron 2 years ago

So if I enlist majority of my items from my inventory on the market will that be viewed as not part of my inventory? Therefore I can put ridiculous prices on stuff i want to keep just so that i can have less items in my inventory to have a higher success rate when exploring. Just checking with you on that if you are cool with us doing that if not might want to look into it. I'm not even sure if enlisting items on the market still counts towards my inventory.

BladeTalon 2 years ago

I don't get why it would be like that :\

sai 2 years ago

Taking item market into consideration is a very good idea

Baron 2 years ago

Your initial explore will cost you 5 energy For some reason i see my happy going down instead of my energy.

CentreLink 2 years ago

1, if you have 8xbackpack does that count as 1 item or 8 ? in reducing the chance of an item?, 2, do my main hand off hand and armour count as items in invo? if so could it not as i dont think thats fair

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