Grain Sadness

Posted 2 years ago by tierbeer

Hi all!

We are aware the selling grain feature is down! We suspect that Zombo is at fault, but are continuing to investigate and will have a fix as soon as possible!

Thanks so much for loving Zapoco, and all hail Father Thomas.


DalishInquisitor 2 years ago

I thought it was my internet....thank you for letting me know.

Renji 2 years ago

Thumbs up

Tallulah 2 years ago

<3 Tier...Good of you to let everyone know so nobody goes into full on panic mode :D Thanks :)

Tallulah 2 years ago

And damn that Zombo! NAUGHTY!

scaleth 2 years ago

I guess Zombo eats more than just brains.

NotePad 2 years ago

advanced zombo apocalypse ... lol

ibs0902 2 years ago

Zombo fault he ate the internet cable

Sigh 2 years ago

Zombo hasn't been online for 3 days. It's a conspiracy!

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