Grain Sadness

Posted 11 months ago by tierbeer

Hi all!

We are aware the selling grain feature is down! We suspect that Zombo is at fault, but are continuing to investigate and will have a fix as soon as possible!

Thanks so much for loving Zapoco, and all hail Father Thomas.


DalishInquisitor 11 months ago

I thought it was my internet....thank you for letting me know.

Renji 11 months ago

Thumbs up

DeadAsAMouse 11 months ago

<3 Tier...Good of you to let everyone know so nobody goes into full on panic mode :D Thanks :)

DeadAsAMouse 11 months ago

And damn that Zombo! NAUGHTY!

scaleth 11 months ago

I guess Zombo eats more than just brains.

NotePad 11 months ago

advanced zombo apocalypse ... lol

ibs0902 11 months ago

Zombo fault he ate the internet cable

Sigh 11 months ago

Zombo hasn't been online for 3 days. It's a conspiracy!

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