World Cup Day Items

Posted 11 months ago by tom

Hi All,

Today only you will be able to find unique World Cup items around Zapoco.
Zpoco has a number of Whistles to give out if he can be beaten.
We are also auctioning the one and only World Cup Trophy in the Market Place forum here:

Happy World Cup day survivors!

ZP Team


MrBones 11 months ago

Time sell all my items again :(

Logy 11 months ago

That is one expensive trophy

Gamers 11 months ago

Nice event

scaleth 11 months ago

So we can find some of these new items by exploring?

Loveless 11 months ago

Not joining this kind of event ever again till The item restriction is gone

DehgiloR 11 months ago

Some never learns and never listens.

Toothless 11 months ago

I would like to try to beat zpoco, but his life has been 0/1000 for the last hour. Bug maybe?

Robo 11 months ago

My stats are probably trash compared to Zpoco's, so I'll pass on the whistle.

SmokingSober 11 months ago

There's like 37 whistles in circulation lol

MrBones 11 months ago

Can I just point out the event is still running and not actually a one day event meaning each "rare" item isn't no where near as rare now.

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