World Cup Day Items

Posted 2 years ago by tom

Hi All,

Today only you will be able to find unique World Cup items around Zapoco.
Zpoco has a number of Whistles to give out if he can be beaten.
We are also auctioning the one and only World Cup Trophy in the Market Place forum here:

Happy World Cup day survivors!

ZP Team


MrBones 2 years ago

Time sell all my items again :(

Flou 2 years ago

That is one expensive trophy

Gamers 2 years ago

Nice event

scaleth 2 years ago

So we can find some of these new items by exploring?

Loveless 2 years ago

Not joining this kind of event ever again till The item restriction is gone

DehgiloR 2 years ago

Some never learns and never listens.

Toothless 2 years ago

I would like to try to beat zpoco, but his life has been 0/1000 for the last hour. Bug maybe?

Robo 2 years ago

My stats are probably trash compared to Zpoco's, so I'll pass on the whistle.

SmokingSober 2 years ago

There's like 37 whistles in circulation lol

MrBones 2 years ago

Can I just point out the event is still running and not actually a one day event meaning each "rare" item isn't no where near as rare now.

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