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Posted 2 years ago by tom

Hi all!

We wanted to interrupt your whiskey drinking and scavenge spamming to drop a sweet, fluffy little update.

Over the past weeks, a few things have changed around here. Other than making some of you hate us forever for forcing you to eat breads, we've been hard at work on a few big content additions that will be dropping soon!

Before a flurry of changes start to hit, we wanted to take a step back and update you all on some internal changes that are happening.

As with any growing community, I was lucky enough to find the help of a few volunteers. I'm sure you've seen some of them around (if they mugged you...sorry! stash your vacs!), but we wanted to introduce ourselves more formally, and in addition, share our vision for what we hope Zapoco will become.

So, without further ado, meet:

ThunderGunExpress, USA - Java Developer
Qualifications: I have a ASIAS in Computer Programming, a Certificate in Internet Programming, and Critical Thinking, and 1 year EXP as a C#.NET dev and 2 years a JavaEE Full stack developer.
Current Zapoco Project: Creating both a NPC and Rare Item Generator that will be used in upcoming Missions, Quest, and Zombie Hordes.

Mer1in, USA - Database/System Administrator and Engineer
Qualifications: As an aerospace engineer, database administrator, and sysadmin, I wear a few hats. My strengths lie in my adaptability and ideation, and I have a maximizer personality. While my academic history is mostly mechanical engineering with a minor in CS, I'm a self-taught coder from a very early age.
Current Zapoco Project: Creating the database structure that will support the new features, as well as the basic logic and process flows that will eventually become Quests.

Maser, Sweden - Systems Developer and Math Wizard
Qualifications: I am a professional embedded systems developer and have worked on several game development projects. I've also studied both Mathematics and Computer Science.
Current Zapoco Project: All things numbers! For all the upcoming features, I'm focusing on refining the formulas used in all the calculations. This includes everything from balancing new weapons, refining battle stats, and forecasting economy impacts.

TierBeer, USA - Project Manager and Business Systems Analyst
Qualifications - I've worked with several international clients (from hospitality to banking to entertainment) on everything from brand new website design to major functionality overhauls. My primary focuses are typically process engineering and requirements creation, as well as managing teams of developers as they move through the software development life cycle.
Current Zapoco Project: I float around helping wherever needed! I'm currently capturing all requirements and documentation that come out of our staff meetings and creating new processes to ensure bugs get squashed quickly! I'm also a published writer, so I'm excited to start fleshing out all the upcoming missions and quests.

Tom, UK - Creator
Qualifications - I have over 10 years of road-hardened web development experience and have worked on websites for some of the best UK & global brands.
Current Zapoco Project: Working with the above team to make new features happen.

In one of our most recent team meetings, we came up with a list of our core values and goals for this game:

1. The Game mechanics are always balanced and rooted in solid logic - Maser
2. Game is engaging--promoting both an ever-evolving strategy and a captivating story line. - TierBeer
3. The game should provide a sense of wonder and fun, present challenges to overcome, and draw out thoughtful ideas from players. - Mer1in
4. Stay true to Zombie Apocalypse theme RPG, MMO, with PvP and PvE- Thunder
5. To create a fun, friendly, and relaxed community. The players define the game. - Tom


Schizobananas 2 years ago

Humm, you're giving us more info on you so that if we don't like the upcoming changes, we can look for you, find you and kill you :)

Loveless 2 years ago

And tom, zombo is starving you know?

MrBones 2 years ago

It's great to get to know you all a little more personally! You all have amazing talents! I can't wait for the future updates! I'm Bones from the UK! I eat bread!

Flou 2 years ago

Glad to see the team growing

RewardWanted 2 years ago

"The Game mechanics are always balanced and rooted in solid logic" Hold up while I go overdose on hamburgers, needing a total of maybe half an hour in the hospital.

RealTom 2 years ago

no need to thank me, assembling my team of experts will be crucial to the development of my game

NotePad 2 years ago

A++++++++++++++++++ team! =)

codevark 2 years ago

For those of you born BB (Before Bullshit), "ideation" = "the formation of ideas or concepts", i.e., "thinking".. XD

DehgiloR 2 years ago

Guess there are no excuses on weird and imbalanced implementations now!

Gamers 2 years ago

Nice to know all of you more.

Lightscarred 2 years ago

"The Game mechanics are always balanced and rooted in solid logic" and yet even after many attempted times to inform you, we still have a counterintuitive Hunger mechanic where you become MORE hungry and require food after LOSING Hunger. We also have a 3 day starving period when in reality people do not starve in 3 days and can survive for around 3 weeks without food. An easy fix would be to make it a Thirst meter since we cannot survive without water for more than 3 days.

Oh, hey Tier (cause we all know Tom didn't write this). "Other than making some of you hate us forever for forcing you to eat breads"... Seems aimed in my general direction? Maybe? Maybe not. If not, I apologise for my assumption. 1. I don't hate you or anyone here. Hate is a strong emotion that requires more than a game update to earn. 2. I am however disappointed in you, Tier. Firstly, for the way you handled my legitimate concerns and the way you spoke to me. Also, for using Tom's official game updates to throw shade. How very professional of you. 3. As I said, I don't hate you or anyone here. Hunger ruined the game for me, made it less fun and the updates and fixes I needed were not in place. My concerns were ignored so I felt like I would not and could not progress in a game where the update unfairly gave those with lots of land, vacs and grain (no doubt left over from fleshpwn's cheating) an unfair advantage while I was sat around waiting for updates and bug fixes and not actually being told what they would be or when they would arrive. That was a massive problem for me. Also, why are people sending me socks and flowers? Odd little ducks!

SmokingSober 2 years ago

Never seen devs introduce themselves so formally, like they wanted their player base to know they're in good hands. Great group right here. Are you guys staying open to suggestions or are your schedules packed?

Jaloner 2 years ago

Now we know who to blame and point fingers to :D

Renji 2 years ago

+1 great game and great team , keep up the good work

Just Kid 2 years ago

Just a small question, i wonder why some have purple name with a circle have a potrait next to it like "ThunderGun" and some like, having a star and Orange name ? =)) Just curious about that since the beginning =))

NotePad 2 years ago

So when will the REAL mission and REAL zombie fights come into play? =)

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