Scavenge & Point House Update

Posted 2 years ago by OhhPaigey

The Point House has now been updated, two new choices were added "Gain 5 Safehouse Respect" for 1 Point & "Gain 5 Energy" for 2 Points.

Scavenge results have also been updated. A green result means you have completed the Scavenge & gained Vaccines & Experience. A purple result means you have completed the Scavenge & only gained Experience, not Vaccines.


DehgiloR 2 years ago

So now you can actually buy yourself unlimited energy by buying donator packs - selling them for vacciness (50k) - use that to buy points on the market - and then use those to refill energy. (I doesnt hope there will be more of these kind of iplementations that somehow allows a bit of P2W) I hate that!

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