Hunger Release Updates & Feedback

Posted 11 months ago by tom

Hi all -

I know this weekend has seen a lot of changes to Zapoco, and I wanted to personally thank each of you for your feedback, suggestion, and willingness to make this a better community and place.

I always envisioned Zapoco as a game we built together - allowing it to evolve and change as needed. While it wasn't a "fun" update, hunger was a necessary one to help manage the economy going forward.

That being said, I wanted to detail some of the changes we've implemented since releasing the hunger mechanic.

1. All players have received a "Homeland" that will always cost 5 energy to sow. This does not count towards your taxable land limits. While this may seem a happy little bonus to more established players, the intent here is to make sure that new players don't feel the pressure to buy land as soon as possible. You will always have access to one grain, every six hours, no matter the level of game you are playing.

Note: You will still need the help of a safehouse to turn your grain into bread. But, for players who hate teamwork and consider themselves the lone wolves of the apocalypse, you can sell your grain on the market and purchase bread sold by other players.

Another alternative would be to start your own safehouse for 1000 vacs and keep it a cozy safehouse for one, using your own kitchen to bake bread.

2. All new players should now start with a full hunger bar.

3. When withdrawing bread from a safehouse, the exact quantity will be listed, with the exception of some = one.

4. Exploring now costs one hunger point per explore.

5. Training now costs one hunger point per every 10 energy points spent. I want to reiterate how much I appreciate the passion and patience of this community. This is a labor of love for me (that currently makes no money lol), and I know that many of you are used to much larger games supported by much larger staffs.

Adding some of the additional help over the last month is going to result in some really awesome things, but I will ask you all to remain open minded. Sometimes we are going to get things wrong. Sometimes (hopefully most of times!) we'll get them right. Either way, we want your feedback. We want to know what what you like and what you hate.

As ideal as it seems, I will never be able to make everyone happy. A change that some people love, others will hate. It's the nature of anything we do - we can't please everyone. And despite that, it will remain my goal. I am eternally grateful that this community supports and believes in this game. I hope that we can continue to grow this into something amazing together.



Grampa W 11 months ago


DeadAsAMouse 11 months ago


tierbeer 11 months ago


Kickdrive 11 months ago

I think the changes are great. Keep up the good work. Things are shaping up nicely!

Logy 11 months ago


Hands 11 months ago

Keep it up tom, you're kicking ass <3

bc 11 months ago

Why is everyone posting pictures of pizza icons? :) <3 Great update Tom!

Nugget92 11 months ago

Looking forward to everything you have in store for us. I consider myself very lucky to have found this game when i did so i can be part of it growing. Keep up the good work we all appreciate it.

Indextrh 11 months ago


Lightscarred 11 months ago

Will there be any change regarding the naming of the feature? Right now it seems counterintuitive to lose Hunger and become more hungry and require food. I suggested renaming it to Fullness or Satiety or alternatively, making the bar fill up rather than drain so that 100 hunger = most hungry = starving

Gamers 11 months ago

Good changes :)

scaleth 11 months ago

I love being part of a group who works together to survive but it really bites when people join a safehouse just to steal bread. Otherwise I'm still having a great time.

NotePad 11 months ago


SmokingSober 11 months ago

I'm more sad Tom's not making any money than anything, this game is worth it and I've put at least $100 in during the time I've been here. How much is upkeep? What host do you use? Considered a kickstarter? I've ran servers but never my own game so hat's off to you Tom and thanks so much for bringing a refreshing change to the AppStore. I swear if we could get the word out we'd have new players coming in by the boat load. Anyways, keep up the great work. Love ya Tom.

Weekyday 11 months ago

<3 <3 <3

usernamereset10 11 months ago

Good job Tom, appreciate these small tweaks a lot.

ibs0902 11 months ago

training and scavenging should be independent of hunger or at least give only 50% of what they give if player is in fed state.

DehgiloR 11 months ago

Make happiness determined by level and not safehouse. People wont start new safehouses, they will join existing ones, as they will lose a lot of training points if they start a sh from scratch. It makes no sense and doesnt benefit the game.

The Joker 11 months ago

aaaawwww Made me almost cry m8 :')

RealTom 11 months ago

Another fantastic update courtesy of yours truly. No need to thank me. *bows*

Cybandeath 11 months ago

Hi just started and despite new players supposed to be starting with full hunger im at zero and thus cant seem to do anything.

Schwi 11 months ago

man starting the game fresh with 0 hunger is confusing

MrBones 11 months ago

I thought players starting with 0 hunger was a bug and had been fixed now?

Jacob12 11 months ago

I am new to this game and I'm starving with 0 Hunger.

God-Grid 10 months ago

I am new to this game and I have 0 Hunger. How I gain some?

Animax84 10 months ago

I just joined like 5mins ago but my hunger is 0. I can't do anything..

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